Review for Interview With The Vampire: Claudia’s Story

Review for Interview With The Vampire: Claudia’s Story

I was just looking around my bookshelves when I found several books I still wanted to read, including this one!

So confession time first: I haven’t read any of the Interview with the Vampire stories, so this one is my first, and I quite love it. I am not too sure if I will be reading more in this series, as I definitely wasn’t a fan of Lestat. Maybe it is also due to the POV of Claudia that clouded my view on him and what he does.

I felt so sorry for Claudia. A child turned vampire, doomed to never really grow up, only in mind, stuck into a small body. Loving a man, who doesn’t love her the same way. At times she was a bit annoying though, and at times her appearance quite ruined her speeches and her plans for me. You keep expecting a child, but instead you get an adult in a child’s body. I did like that the artist of this graphic novel did show the change a bit clearly. In the beginning Claudia is clearly a child, but later on you do see adult features peeking through the child features.

What she did to Lestat? A bit too far going for me, but I guess I can imagine why she did those things. She wanted answers, she didn’t get them. Lestat and her relationship broke, not to be mended or repaired.

Her travels with Louis were interesting, though also quite sad. Especially when another vampire makes an appearance and Claudia clearly sees that Louis loves her… but not in that way she wants. Not in a romantic feature. And yeah, I was kind of happy with that, because again, she looks like a child. I know she is decades old, but it didn’t make it better.

The ending? I saw that coming, but still, it broke my heart.

The art was just gorgeous, I loved how the characters were drawn. Stately, truly like a vampire.

All in all, a fantastic book, and I flew through it. I am glad I found this book again and that I read it. I would recommend it, if you are like me and never read an Interview with a Vampire or if you are already a fan and you want more Lestat, Louis, or Claudia.

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