Review for Never Go Back: Harlequin Manga

Review for Never Go Back: Harlequin Manga

I received this manga from the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

So, the cover wasn’t luring me in (what is up with those huge ass hands?), but the blurb did sound magnificent. A woman working for someone finds out he is the one who evicted her and her grandpa years ago. Will she go for love or for revenge? Of course I had to find out which one.

snorts“There’s no mistaking it! It’s a message from the devil himself.” When hell calls you to be their interior designer. 😛

“That’ll give you more time to get a firm grasp on the atmosphere here at Ramilles.” I am not too sure if he meant the house or something else entirely. Mm. thinks Given the situation I am leaning to a more 18+ idea.

Wow, that flashback had me seriously pissed off at that guy. He just waltzes in the place (sure, it is his inheritance, but do you need to act like such a dipshit?), dumps Olivia’s poor grandpa in a retirement home (without telling her or without his approval), tells her his plans, and then even throws her out while she has all the right to be there. 😐

BTW, I just love how much Olivia’s changed. She went from cute to elegant. It is quite the transformation, then again years have passed, but still, wow. I can imagine our devil can’t recognise the girl he threw out on the streets.

Plus, I didn’t entirely like how Ludwig was flirting around with Olivia. She is working for you, it just felt so wrong. And of course, there is the whole business of what happened in the past, I couldn’t just let that one out of my mind.

But oh my, there is a twist, and my heart broke for Olivia. 🙁 Poor her realising that, I can imagine that has shook her world. Now I want to hug her.

Though, while I understand how she came to this, and in a way it is natural, it still felt way too fast-paced for me. From one revelation to a confession in her mind, it just seemed fast. But I guess with just a few more pages to go they had to do something, still I wish it was more fleshed out. That is why I also couldn’t enjoy the ending so much. Sure, I was happy with it, but it just felt like I missed something. Like BANG, suddenly everything is solved. BANG happiness. 🙁 Oh well.

Still a good story, though yeah, the pacing sucks at times. But the art turned out quite nicely even if our devil still had way too big hands. This was also one of the tamest stories so far.

Also, something that stands out, why are so many of the girls interior designers?

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