Review for Oya ga Urusai (♀) no de Kouhai to Gisou Kekkon Shite mita

Review for Oya ga Urusai (♀) no de Kouhai to Gisou Kekkon Shite mita

Two girls, a junior and her senior are best friends but will soon become more as they are doing a fake marriage.

Again searching around for some cute shoujo-ai/yuri and I stumbled on this one. The cover grabbed me immediately, it reminded me of another manga that used these colours to (and yes, it is also a yuri manga). Then I read the blurb, and I had to read this one.

Yep, fake marriage. Why? Because the older girl’s parents are pushing her to marry, and she, for good reason, is getting sick and tired of it. Thankfully, her best friend is more than up to think of a fabulous plan, and thus they get married. Which also means them living together (which is convenient for the younger girl as her apartment is being renovated).

As the story continues these two get closer, we find out that the younger girl was in love with the older girl for years (even confessed at school), the older girl learns to say no to her parents (to which I was just absolutely delighted) and figure out a better way with her job, she sees how hard the younger girl works and supports her (by motivating her and feeding her when deadlines are getting closer).

I just adored the ending. The marriage wasn’t really needed any more, and our younger girl had enough money saved to get her own apartment. However, something happens and I was just squeeing and smiling. It was just the best. And I think these two will work things out. Just take it slow.

The art was really sweet and adorable for this one.

The one shot including with this volume wasn’t my favourite. I didn’t like the characters at all. They were all pretty terrible (though the ending was sweet).

All in all, I had fun reading this manga, it was the perfect length (both the main story + the one shot).

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