Review for Partner in Love: Harlequin Manga

Review for Partner in Love: Harlequin Manga

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Who is right in this manga, Darcy whose great-uncle left a property in his will to her, or Cooper who claims he is the owner? The art (going by the cover) wasn’t that attracting, but I did love the title and the description.

We quickly finds out what is going on (though of course I was prepared for it all to be a lie), apparently Bill only owned 50% of the property. Welp, that sure is a surprise. Wish he had told our girl about it sooner. She may still want to go then, but at least she would know what to expect. Now she was just angry at someone who was really the owner.

But our girl will have to do some adjusting as she does have to do some work at the property. But thankfully this girl has spice and she is ready for a challenge. I loved how she didn’t let anything stop her.

Though I was getting tired of both of them arguing about things. Especially the guy seems to think she was just not worthy and that pissed me off.

And brilliant, getting lost in Australia, the place that wants to kill you. 😛

I did love that he was worried for her and even went on a trip with her to show her around. And that they finally realised they are in love. Ah, sweet romance under the starry sky. swoons

Haha, she gets proposed to and what does she want? Not a ring, no she wants a new stove. I love this girl. She is good.

But of course, all the goodness can’t stay. We have to have drama. After all, still 44 pages left. So add drama. Ha, and we were doing so well. I was loving this romance, seeing the girl get used to live in the outback, see the proposal. Why, why did we have to add drama? And why are girls (exes or family) so mean. We have yet another woman who feels the need to add oil to the fire. Urgh.

Thankfully, the ending all made it up for the terrible drama. I loved it and I just smiled so so much at all that happened there.

The art? In the end I didn’t even dislike it that much. Based on the cover I thought I wouldn’t be a fan, but after reading… I am a fan. I love how the characters are drawn, and the way the backgrounds are drawn is very lovely.

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