Review for Seduced Into the Greek’s World: Harlequin Manga

Review for Seduced Into the Greek’s World: Harlequin Manga

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

The Harlequin manga madness continues. After this one I still have 5 left to read! I am so happy that a ton of them were added to Netgalley, and while the stories (and art) are hit and miss I still LOVE reading these.

Another Harlequin manga about something something Greek. 😛 I was definitely looking forward to this one for the cover, but then when I read the blurb it got even better. It sounds so romantic, and I was hoping for as little drama as possible between the characters.

Demitri, could you please shave yourself? The moustache is just not fitting for you. He looked 10 years older with it.

I did think it was a bit weird that he would ask an employee out for dinner, but eh, there have romances that started in even less appropriate situations, so I could live with it. Though I was hoping for a bit more romance, and less of him flirting with her and then warning her to stay away from someone (and her reaction was very much on point, I would also have done the same). I am glad that both of them could talk though, now he knows a bit more about her. Her feelings and why she is so happy to be in Paris. Thankfully, very much thankfully, we get some more romance. Plus, I can imagine she went for this. She has been working so hard, caring for so many people, she is still young but has already experienced so much. I was happy that she decided to do this.

Oh my! Oh my! I am loving this story so much. Though I am worried. When will it go wrong? I know, this sounds terrible. But I am reading a Harlequin Manga, and things do go magically wrong. By one word, one sentence, or just a movement. It is very amazing, and annoying.

And yep, here we go. Dramarama when he finds out she has a daughter. As she also said, it is on her resume. But did you read that one? No. 😐 Urgh. sighs Can we just have one Harlequin without drama? Just sweet tender romance?

But thankfully this time the drama is short. breathes a sigh of relief I am happy that the author managed to cram a bit of Demitri’s backstory into it, which explains some of his actions/reactions.

Ah, no, I am crying again. Dang you Harlequin, dang you! That ending. cries That was just so sweet, and I totally burst lose when he suggested that name. Awwwwwww.

So I really loved this one. It was cute, sexy, sweet, flirty, and it had a minimal amount of drama which makes me very happy. I also liked the art in this one. At times it looked at bit weird, but generally it was very shiny and sparkly.

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