Review for Slime Life Vol.1

Review for Slime Life Vol.1

A dark mage and her slime employee who is very adorable and squeezy.

I was in the mood for a hilarious manga and I stumbled upon this one. It had all the elements to make me fall in love with it. A cute dark mage who needs to be more honest about her feelings, a slime employee (how does that work?), magic, and of course a magical shop.

It all begins when our dark mage has to hire some employees for her new store and she accidentally summons a slime. At first she is hesitant but she quickly falls in love with him when she sees how adorable he is and how stretchy. From that moment she allows him to stay and cuddles and touches him all the time. Yes, I am kind of wondering if the slime likes it, but so far he doesn’t seem to be complaining about anything. So far he seems quite happy with his new boss. So instead of feeling uncomfortable, I was OK with it all.
I loved how much our dark mage cared about him, even making him gummies and helping him out with magic lessons (though he has no magic ability, but his magic interest spiked when she lied about the candies and where they came from). She can be a bit scary at times when things don’t go her way (showing her true dark mage colours) or when her employees make a mess out of things (which tends to happen when you have an annoying fairy who wants to proof her worth).

Eventually another employee pops up, and I just wanted her to go away. Who it is? The fairy girl. She looks cute but dang she has a rotten apple attitude. She keeps trying to frame her slime colleague for anything to get in the good books with her boss, our dark mage. Urgh. Instead of her just trying to be good on her own she feels she has to act like this.

The art is super cute, I had such a laugh at the slime and how he was drawn (I am generally used to slimes that are more like the standard kind of slime), especially when he was working (squeezing into small places) or when our dark mage cuddles with him. The store (and the items) are pretty detailed.

All in all, I need more of this manga, it is just too much fun to read and I am curious if our dark mage will be able to get the slime to sleep in her bed (and not on it in a box or under it). 😛 Also I want to see more of this world, friends of our dark mage, or customers.

And of course I would recommend this one to everyone in the need for a cute cuddly and also funny manga.

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