Review for Strip Search

Review for Strip Search

I received this book from InkSlingerPR for an honest review.

Eep, I participated in the Release Day Blitz for this book (and the other book in the series) and was superduper delighted when I got a mail asking if I would also like to review the book. Hell yes! A cop who strips one day in the year, a girl who works for a reality show, romance, hilarious situations, what more could I want?

Meet our two MC’s, Axl and Leighton. Leighton is from California and the first time she meets Axl is during a thing for her work. She works for Wedding Crashers, a tv show. She is here in this tiny town for a bachelorette party. Welcome to Tap That (brilliant name), and welcome to an evening of stripper entertainment. Little does Leighton know that Axl isn’t a real stripper, so you can imagine when she meets him again (while she is speeding) she thinks he is just playing his stripper role. Oh, my gosh, I was just laughing so hard. I was wondering how long it would take her to understand that this was all very real. And that she was embarrassing herself tons. I loved Leighton, though I wish she was more body positive. She keeps contradicting. On the one hand she is fine with her weight, but on the other hand she keeps making comments about her butt, or her weight, or anything really. I think it is a good thing she met Axl who thinks she is perfect, and who reminds her of that fact. That reminds me of my own situation. I am also not always happy with my weight or how I look, but thankfully I have a very sweet fiance who compliments me and tells me I look pretty.
I loved that she worked with a reality show/tv show, however I did feel sorry that she wasn’t into this thing and would rather do something quieter and easier. That made me like her even more though, I just love bookworm characters.

Axl, our cop, who once a year (for reasons you will find out very soon) strips. Still as a cop (though not in his real cop clothes of course). He isn’t that happy about stripping, he prefers not having the attention on him, but for this thing he would do anything. I felt so sorry for him when Leighton didn’t believe him and even acted all weird. His decision at the end, not smart, and while I can imagine that he is attracted to her, you are still working.
But I did like that he decided on a plan, though of course he mostly did it to just be closer to Leighton (which I found adorable).
I loved learning more about Axl, his marine past, how he became a cop. Oh, and that he had aspirations to become a detective. I also loved that he fitted so well with Leighton. Yes, he liked the outdoors and fishing, but he was also a guy who liked some quiet time, didn’t really like the attention, so that matches well with Leighton.
Oh, and he was so sweet towards Leighton, knowing exactly when she was getting a panic attack, when her anxiety spiked. He knew precisely what to do about it. Some tender words, some hugs and holding her hand, rubbing her in the right spots.

I loved reading about the wedding, it reminds me of all I still have in front of me. Cake tasting, I cannot wait for that one. Finding a dress, hopefully I have more luck with the places I will visit. And then there is the wedding and the location (which we have, but now we have to make it pretty). Ah, I can’t wait. swoons

And with the wedding, of course I also liked reading about the reality show. The interviews, the things that they had to do, the meetings. Though I didn’t like Leighton’s boss. 😐

There are also sexy and steamy scenes. And a few times in which the characters talked (in their heads) about their attraction to each other. While cute, I did get tired of the whole: My cock is pointing upwards, or my cock is twitching, or I am getting wet between the legs, or my nipples are getting hard. It was just a bit I don’t know, weird and embarrassing. It is something I see happening often in romance books, but really, does anyone think like this all the time they see someone they like? I know I don’t. Or well, maybe a tiny little bit, but really not all the time.
As for the sex scenes, I am still not too used to reading them, and I still feel embarrassed reading them, so I kind of skipped/sped read through them. They were just a bit too steamy for me. 😛 Maybe in a few years I won’t mind them, I know I have already changed a lot these past 9 years. First I couldn’t read them at all, now I am just slightly embarrassed.
Oh, oh, and I was reading this book while waiting at the doctor (still sick and I was curious what was going on) and I was just praying that the woman who sat next to me didn’t read what I was reading. Because oh boy, some of these scenes. blushes

I am so happy with the ending, I was worried that they would go through with this wedding thing before having that all important talk. But instead they decided not to go through it. Not because they didn’t like each other, oh no, they just wanted to get closer before actually sealing the deal. They both wanted to be on one page. And I was just so happy and *sighs in happiness* I hope that one day they will get their big wedding without all the cameras and without all the stress and pressure to have something that can be shown on TV.

All in all, a delightful, cute, funny, sweet, romantic, fabulous book. I couldn’t stop reading. I would highly recommend it if you are looking for a cute and sweet book with great characters.

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