Review for The Big Book of Parenting Tweets

Review for The Big Book of Parenting Tweets

This is one big book of parenting tweets, you will laugh, you will cry (because it is so funny), and you definitely want more of it all at the end.

First up, thanks to my sweet fiance for giving me this book for Christmas! I am so happy I finally can read this book, and I loved it!

The book is split up in various sections with a small introduction, I really liked that they did that, just continuous tweets may have just gotten a bit too much. Now you can take a small break before diving in the tweets again.

I loved seeing Exploding Unicorn’s tweets, I have been following him for some time and I just adore his tweets, they always make me laugh.

But thanks to this book I also found several other people I definitely need to follow on Twitter. Though maybe I shouldn’t, in case more books of these come out and they use the same Twitter people. I don’t want to be spoiled. 😛

There are also illustrations here and there with tweets and I loved that they added those, it made those tweets even more hilarious to read.

The tweets are fabulous, I was glad to read that the makers of this book edited them slightly. For readability, for which I am thanking them. You have to forego some things when you tweet, and especially back when it was just 140 characters you had to pick what to leave out so your tweet would fit in the box.

The tweets are about kids from babies to teens. I definitely hadn’t expected teens. I was expecting this one to be, like most books about parenting, about little kids. So I was happy to see some teens making an appearance (I had such a laugh at the dad showing a natural birth video to his teen daughter about to go to her boyfriend).

All in all, if you are looking for a hilarious book, you love tweets, you are looking for some more parenting stuff, be sure to read this one. Oh, and I definitely need to get the next book (yes, there is more!).

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