Review for The Giving Tree

Review for The Giving Tree

A book about a boy and his tree.

I have been meaning to read this book for some time now, and finally I had time (and motivation) to do it. For my copy cat challenge one of my partners (I have 2!) read this book. I was quite curious about how a tree and a boy have a relationship/friendship.

I have to say this was kind of disturbing read. Abusive relationship much? I mean in the first it was all cute and sweet and I loved their relationship but in the end I am kind of horrified at it all. I mean, the tree just offers herself to the boy. Oh, you need a house? Just cut of my branches… And it gets worse. And then she is even saying sorry for stuff she can’t do. My word. I probably shouldn’t see too much into this, maybe I am just too old for this to see some other message in this one, or maybe I have already rubbed out the glitter of all relationships/friendships are cute and fluffy out of my eyes ages ago.

But the beginning is adorable, I loved the bond between the tree and her boy. How they played, how they talked, how they loved each other very much. Too bad that people grow up, we see the boy go from always there to never being there as he had other places to be when he grew up.

Most of the book only has one or two sentences per page, but as the boy grows up there is more text. I did think it was a bit chaotic.

There are also illustrations. Well, I can say that I liked how the tree was drawn, but the rest of it was just not my kind of art style.

So yeah, a disappointment. Oh well, at least I read it, now I know the book.

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