Review for The Greek’s Long-Lost Son: Harlequin Manga

Review for The Greek’s Long-Lost Son: Harlequin Manga

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Two people, a bit like Romeo and Juliet, fell in love and then broke up. Now 6 years later our MC is the mother of a child and the love interest from then is back. He wants to see the kid. We quickly learn that Nicholas was the one who orchestrated it all, and boy, I wanted to kick him in the nuts. But that both of them never cared to check if it was true. Or even talked. But then again, as I have said in a few other reviews, Harlequin people don’t talk. Or they do, eventually with tons of drama.

“What’s wrong with me? My heart is beating so fast.” Um, girl, you are still in love with him. Especially now you saw that he still quite loves you + he did fill out very nicely. Though he was already quite swoony back when they first met.

I loved that Theo had an interest in his son (a bit late, sure, but eh at least he tries), but I can imagine that Stella is worried about things. She always cared for her boy and now there is the father of her boy. He does have the right for custody. Poor woman.

But in the end, I did love them together. It was really sweet, and I got so happy seeing them bond, talk, and figure things out.

I guess it was all expected that Nicolas, yes, dickymcdickyson popped up. Harlequin characters can never have a peaceful moment, that only happens when they have reached their happy endings.

Can I just insert tons of gratitude and love to Stasio. That dude is the real hero in this story. Always being there for Stella, supporting her, talking with her, helping her with her son (being almost like a father for him).

The court case? That did bring out some very interesting and horrific things? Wow. On the one hand, a bit too over the top for me, but on the other hand it did fit the story perfectly. Now we finally know what happened in the past and how everything went from perfect romance to destruction.

And once again, I not crying, I just got something in my eyes. Dear heavens, these past few Harlequin manga have magnificent endings. sniffles

The art was pretty decent. Not always my favourite, but still pretty nicely done.

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