Review for The Prince’s Mistress: Harlequin Manga

Review for The Prince’s Mistress: Harlequin Manga

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Oh ho ho ho, this was just glorious. Our girl, the princess of Calista, falls in love with the prince of Aristo. Yep. OH, and these two don’t know (for most of the book) about those facts. Chloe thinks Nic is just a rich playboy, and Nick thinks Chloe is just a model. 😛 I was so eager to have them both find out the truth, or at least be honest with each other. But then again, this is Harlequin, so the drama needs to be top notch of course. Talking is overrated. Plus, I was kind of hoping that the boy Chloe was to marry would turn out to be Nic. Given that this is a Harlequin manga there was a high chance of it.

sighs Dramaaaaaaa. And kids, this is why you talk to people. Especially those you have sex with and potentially want more of. I am probably supposed to find it all OH NO, but instead I was more OH Dear Lord. rolls eyes

I wanted to kick Nic in his nuts. Boy… instead of jumping to conclusions why not listen to this girl? I thought you were in love? But as soon as some dicey prime minister pops up and tells you things you believe him over you love? Wow, classy dude, classy.

Thankfully, very thankfully, Nick’s father had brains. Thank you dad! Thank you.

That ending. tears up again Dang it, I am out of tears by the end of the day if this continues.

The art was just terrific. I especially loved Nicolas’ design (though I have to say he looked better in normal clothes than his royal garb).

All in all, even with the drama, I couldn’t stop reading. The romance was really good, and I just wanted these two to be together. Forever. swoons

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