Review for The Secrets She Carried: Harlequin Manga

Review for The Secrets She Carried: Harlequin Manga

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

A new buyer arrives, and of course it her ex. Dum dum dum. Who is a pretty boy, and I can imagine she fell for him so many years ago.

I loved that the author took us back to flashback heaven with showing us how these two met up. While our MC is swimming (apparently she is pretty good at it and even was scouted by people) she races with the one guy in the swimming pool, they hit off and that is the start of a romance. I was absolutely squealing with how cute these two were together. But of course, this is Harlequin, and thus the drama started quite soon. I was quite saddened to see their romance end like this, and I definitely wanted to shake them both (and mostly him for being such a jerk). Then again, this is Harlequin, and yeah he had a reason. Dang man, you didn’t even try to find out if it was true or not. snorts Accusing people, classy.

I wasn’t all too happy about him forcing her to have “stimulating” weekend or else he would tell. So, she needs to do stuff to you to make sure you won’t tell? That is just ewww. No. Bah. And I was disgusted that he forced her to kiss him.

And the rest of the drama continues as she says to the weekend, but of course when mister doesn’t get the sex he immediately goes back to dickwad mode. URRGGHGH, what is up with these people in these books. I was definitely applauding when she threw a whole bottle of fricking wine over him. Whooooohhoooo, go girl.

I am glad the twins are now known to Cristo, even though he is a jerk, he does deserve to know that he has kids. One looks exactly like him, the other like her mother. I am glad to see that he can be kind, I loved how sweet he was when they met him and he went along with what they said.

Be prepared for more drama, but also and thank you, also some romance. I am seeing a different side to Cristo, and while I still think he is a jerk for just blatantly believing anything, I am liking him more and I do think he will be a good father for his kids.

We find out who set up our MC, and I can say I saw it coming. What a bitch move, am I supposed to feel sorry for the woman? Because really? I am not.

The ending was very sweet though, I am so delighted with it. And yes, I did have some tears in my eyes.

The art was just fabulous. I loved the character designs, the romance scenes, the flowers (because this kind of manga needs tons of flowers).

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