Review for The Way Home For Wolf

Review for The Way Home For Wolf

I read this one in Dutch, but will write my review in English.

This is an adorable book about a tiny wolf who thinks he is very tough and very awesome getting lost from his pack and learns a very wise lesson in the end.

I wasn’t always charmed with the tiny wolf, I just don’t like characters with a too big of an ego, I prefer my characters awesome but humble. Still, I did think he was adorable and very cute. Plus, if he has learned anything from this lesson, I am sure he will become a great leader of a pack one day. Not today though, but someday I can see him lead a pack of his own.

I was a bit surprised that the pack didn’t notice that our tiny wolf couldn’t keep up. That they didn’t notice him missing until it was probably way too late. How? I get that he is slightly annoying with his attitude, but I just can’t imagine why they would forget/lose him. Oh well, guess I shouldn’t think about it.

At first everything seems dramatic, but then something happens and I was so happy for our tiny wolf. He is getting a nice lesson that it isn’t only about him and that he should also trust in others. Sometimes you need a hand finding your way. Oh Oh, can I pet that cute butterfly/moth? That one was just adorable.

The ending was predictable, but still I was very happy. It was very cute and sweet.

I am sure kids will love this one. It has a cute wolf, some excitement and adventure, and then a sweet ending.

Oh, and I cannot forget the amazing illustrations by Jim Field, he is really one amazing illustrator.

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