Review for Thelma: Tales of Courage From Beyond The Apocalypse

Review for Thelma: Tales of Courage From Beyond The Apocalypse

“Thomas, I’m eighty-five years old. If the zombies don’t get me, old age will.”

From the start I just adored Thelma. She isn’t like most elderly people. This lady is going to kick some serious ass and she is only getting started. I loved how she kept her head on her shoulders throughout all that happens in this short story. Plus, given how many others react when zombies attack, I love that this lady didn’t hesitate putting down the ones she loves. Really, a lot of causalities could have been prevented if people stayed away from those that are infected/stopped others from spreading it. I do think it is interesting that in the US people are, almost always, instantly grabbing their guns to shoot stuff. Even when things get hairy she stayed cool and collected, at some places she barely saw sick/dead people, but in some places the horror was very much clear (my heart broke at reading about the doll/plushie covered in blood next to a car).

We see Thelma make her way through a zombie-riddled US to find a safe house, or should I say safe boat.

I loved how she showed these rescue people who she was from the bat, didn’t shy away to be strict with them (as they were trying to help her out every time, and I can understand that they do that, but come on, just let her try it out herself first). Her conversation with the captain had me in stitches, I am glad she found someone who is alike her.

Then the book ends with her meeting Amy and her family and saving them, just like how Amy’s story ended with the same thing. Really loved that the author did it like this.

I still think it is silly to drop an atom bomb on a city. I get that it will do at least something to the zombies, but what about the people still living in the city? Or surrounding it? It seemed way too overkill.

What I would like? More stories from Thelma. I want to see her travel through the world, save people, and read more about what is going on in the world. While this story is a perfect length for what it wants to tell us, I just have a craving for more.

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