Review for This is My School

Review for This is My School

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Meet Khushi, she wants to be a doctor, and also can I mention that I love that her birthday is just 2 days further from mine (I am a 5th February girl).

Our girl will tell us all about her school, a true American school. Yes, I would call it that, as my elementary school was quite a bit different. We didn’t have a library, just a few bookshelves on a wall. No cafetaria, you just bring your own sandwiches if you stay over for lunch and eat those in a selected classroom with a teacher who watches over the kids. Well, that is if you stay and eat at school, most kids choose to go home and eat lunch there (as it is often just a few minutes of walking or cycling). I would have loved a school mascot, I read a lot about them in books about England/US/Australia and they always sound so awesome. But even though it wasn’t that much relatable to me, I had fun reading about this girl’s school and what her favourite thing was.

This would definitely make a nice present for a kid who is about to go to school for the very first time. To show what is in a school, what kind of things you can expect, maybe easing the worries of the little one a bit more. Knowing that it is a fun place with tons of great activities.

At the end we also have a glossary, and I do like that it was added. Then on some pages there are also the Your Turn! bits asking kids about things that were mentioned on that specific page. Like with the gym the question was: “If you were a gym teacher, what sport would you teach to others and why?”

The art was really fun and cute, and I just loved the style of it.

All in all, a very fun book to read, and I hope that Khushi will return to show some other places as well, or maybe another character can tow us around other important buildings.

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