Review for Trial by Seduction: Harlequin Manga

Review for Trial by Seduction: Harlequin Manga

I received this manga in exchange of an honest review.

What happened to Glenna’s sister? Who is the one who knows the truth? And why are they all handsome? Come read this one to see how Glenna is going to try and resist all the handsome boys (who have pretty OK names, though who thought Edgerton was a good name? Hereby I am calling him Edgelord. :P).

I was pretty intrigued by the description of this manga/story. I do love a good mystery, and I do love a good romance. I was eager to find out how these two would combine.

Sorry, I just couldn’t help but laughing at how shocked she was that these 3 (plus Diana) changed so much in 10 years. It is 10 years, a lot can happen, plus you know your sister died. One of them had to do with it, or knows more. It is no wonder things may be different now.

The mystery and what happened is getting clearer, but what is this? Drama? Yes! And then we finally get the full story on what happened, and my heart just broke. Not just for our MC who now knows what really happened, but also for the one who was with Cindy that evening. 🙁

I still have a question, who was the lady and why was she so shocked by the necklace? Unless I am too tired (as while reading this I am sick and I should rest more, but I just need these manga + to review them) and I missed something.

The art? Bodies not so much, the rest was pure love! I adored the eyes. I adored the glitter and the sparkle.

All in all, a pretty exciting story with not so much drama, instead tons of mystery and a nice touch of romance.

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