Review for Undead Messiah Vol.2

Review for Undead Messiah Vol.2

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

So, the second Undead Messiah, and I was ecstatic that it was out. I quite loved the first volume of this manga-styled comic. Though I had to wait a bit before I could actually read it. Why? Well, I am recovering from an infection in my stomach + a hint of the flu. No food stayed in, so reading a gore zombie comic just didn’t seem like the best idea. 😛

After scrolling down, because Tokyopop’s manga in ADE always starts at the bottom. Yes, warning don’t get spoiled by thinking it works as most of the manga that is on Netgalley. Man, that first image is so dang creepy. Zombie baby much? Three two one nom nom nom?

Oh, and I love how this one shows the POV of Tim’s mom and then cuts to the beginning of the Undead Messiah vol.1 with Tim’s dad acting all suspicious. Of course, we all know why the dad was acting so fishy, but it was still fun to see it for real now + see that he was one of the first zombies. shivers Good, my stomach is still not happy, but I am going to continue reading, this seems like stupid idea, but oh well. 😛

Cue back to the now, and we see that Tim is in a bed with his brother next to him in a crib. Can I just say that I loved how he went in immediate fighting pose? Even ripping out that, and trying to stab that dude with that? Hot dang, it was both impressive and stupid.

We find out about our mysterious dude, Ritch, and what he truly is. And what his plans for Tim are. Um, maybe you should have asked him before you did it? But, I guess there is a bigger plot to it all, and I can’t wait to see this one get further explained. Then there is a big revelation about something that happened in Brazil, and boy, I didn’t like Ritch any more. But something for me changes in a later chapter when we get more details on what truly happened in Brazil, and while I still want to kick Ritch, it wasn’t all his fault. He tried to help. It failed, spectacularly even. 😐 But, after reading all of it. Dang, Ritch, your head is a mess. And so my attitude towards him swung from left to right and back again.

The apostles don’t seem too happy, then again, I can imagine given what Ritch is doing to them. Given how far he goes to make sure everyone can be that. Dude, they are still children. Zombies, yes, but also children.

I just adore Tim and his little brother. Yes, his brother is a zombie, but they are cute together. I love how he protects and cares for the little one.

Oh dear, there we have it again, snorts, M-kay. rolls around Really, who names there kid M-kay?
Glad to also see some other people from the previous volume + see that more people are rising up against Ritch.

Ah, and we find out why Elian is so fast with growing and stuff. Zombie kids. Knew it. I loved that we got an explanation on the zombies, what kinds there are, and how the transfer from one zombie to another works. Interesting, I love the amount of details in it and the author really thought hard about this one to make it more original than your standard zombie stories (where you generally have two types of zombies, fast or slow/smart or dumb).

Ohh, and then it gets more and more exciting, though I also have to be honest, it got a tad too much explanation. Too much talking. Too little action for me. Thankfully, the ending is packed full of action, and ARGGHHH, why the cliffhanger. I hate that. grumbles

All in all, a pretty good volume, I had lots of fun reading it. It was a bit gore at times so my stomach hates me now. I can’t wait for the next volume to come out, I need to know how things will end with M-kay, with Ritch, the apostles.

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