Review for Welcome to Wanderland #1

Review for Welcome to Wanderland #1

A girl who loves an amusements park so so much that she knows everything about it finds a portal to the real Wanderland, only this one is truly real.

I just had to read this one when I spotted someone talking about it on Twitter + also showing some very fun looking images. It sounded like this book was right up my alley. And it was!

I just adored our MC, she was so sparkly and fun, plus I just adore it when characters are so excited about something. In this case our MC knows all about Wanderland. From when it started to when it started to go down in fun to when merchandise was made, anything and everything. Whole character backstories are in her head. It was a delight. But it was even more fun when she found a portal to a whole different Wanderland. Yes kids, be warned, those staff entry doors may hide more than just a casual breakroom or an easy entrance so you aren’t seen by people.

She comes to Wanderland, no not the amusement park, but apparently a world called like that. Featuring all the things you see in amusement Wanderland, including characters and stories, however things are just a bit different. Everything is real. I just adored that. Seeing Riot in real life (she looks so much better and funkier there, though she did also remind me of Squirrel Girl a bit with her teeth and her face, same artist?), she evil princesses/queens, magic is abundant (though how our MC is going to get back, heavens only knows), and all in all it is a wonderful place. In this volume our MC is still confused as to where she is. She is relying a lot on her knowledge of amusement park Wanderland, and I wonder if the next issues will show her that while the knowledge is nice this is a whole different ballpark. And that her brother isn’t in here (unless he got also dumped in here).

I love both Wanderlands, though of course I love the real, authentic with magic and all that glitter, Wanderland more. I can’t wait to explore it, to see what is different and what is the same.

I also Wander if more people know of this portal and if the amusement Wanderland is based on it, or if it is just all a fun messy dimension mix-up.

I will be reading this series further, though I will be waiting for the bundled edition instead of reading these single issues. That way I can nom my way through the story in one go.

Oh, and I can’t forget to mention the art, it is just fabulous and fun. I love how the characters are drawn.

So, tons of fun, hilarity, magic, adventure, and more. Definitely would recommend this one.

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