Review for You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yeti!

Review for You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yeti!

Merry Trogmanay everyone, and welcome to the Nothing to See Here Hotel, enjoy your stay, but be warned of ghosts, evil going-ons, and oh yes, we hope you don’t mind snow as we have some of our Yeti friends over.

The second book in the Nothing to See Here Hotel, and I was excited to start this book. I have to say I did enjoy this one less, but that didn’t have to do with the book per se. More that I had another book I also wanted to read (an ARC I got approved for on Netgalley), and I also wanted to finish this book! Choices, choices!

In this one we have a very special holiday, Trogmanay. Food, glitter and glimmer, lights and happiness. I was definitely excited about this, I love holidays (only a bit to go before it is Christmas). Frankie’s mom, Rani, is just like me. OMG Holidays! Tinsel! Glitter! Party! Yay! I also loved how the dinner part worked. Oh my goodness. I wouldn’t want to eat the food (most of them sound very eww), but I do love the idea of turning tiny and feasting on it all.

But the party is about to go a different direction when a leprechaun pops in (along with chickens and a caravan) and when her sunbathing vacation (who the hell goes to Brighton for sun?) gets destroyed by a family of yetis she curses them all. I would have done the same. 😛 Especially when one comes from a cold place. I had a laugh at her curses though, turning food into snot? Making other stuff taste like poo? snorts

And then there is the mysterious person who is about to make the hotel visible again and also aims to destroy everything this family has worked for. Why? Who? Well, the who I knew quite quickly, I mean there is a big hint at the beginning. The why? Not so sure, but I could maybe have a little guess about it. Still it was pretty interesting and exciting when everything went haywire (wallpaper coming alive, dinner being ruined, and more). We learn some more about the family history, now it is just the question if it is all true, and I hope that Frankie can find out the truth in the coming books.

There are also parts in which Frankie talks to us, the reader, I just can’t decide if I liked it or not. At times it did get annoying that he kept butting into the story.

While I did love the yetis I did think it was a bit rude of them to take all that snow and make everything freezing cold. I get that you need that cold, but really? Not even understanding that people may get pissed or may not be happy? But still, I did like the yetis, especially their kid as she really became friends with Frankie.

The ending, with a certain character just staying around? Urghhh, it doesn’t make me motivated for the next book. I will have to seriously think if I want to get that one. I am sorry, I just don’t like that little prick and knowing he will be around even more.. no.

Oh, oh, oh, and I just adore it when the title of the book pops up in the story!

Of course, I can’t forget the fantastic illustrations! They are fabulous, fun, and they make me smile each time they pop up (and they pop up a lot, so imagine how much I was smiling).

All in all, I flew through this book and I did have fun reading this one.

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