Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 16-12-2018

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 16-12-2018

Hello all!

It is time for a brand-new Sunday’s TBR Updates!

I am feeling much much better, finally, though I did take it mostly easy this week as I don’t want to get sicker again. This week’s reading was tons of ARCs and almost through them all now, my library books. Boy, I am glad I could visit Library #2 again this week. I also read from my Kindle and TBR pile. A nice and well-rounded week of reading.

What did I read from my TBR Pile? Het Zonderwoorden-boek (interesting though a bit boring/bland). I just wasn’t in the mood for the other two books.
For my Kindle? I tried and dropped 5 of the books that were in the Top 5. The only one I didn’t try (and thus not drop) was Caught in Us. I did add a few new books to my Kindle, #Nerd (amazing and so sweet) and First Date (pretty OK), BSC in the USA (too many POVs).

So my Paper TBR went down by one. I still haven’t received those 2 new books, probably because of all the Holiday season. I ordered 1 more book, but that one won’t be here until after Christmas, maybe even coming in next year in January.

Here is my new TBR pile. Featuring a book I got yesterday from a mini-library, 2 books from last week’s pile, and one of the Boekenfestijn books.

Also a new Kindle Top 6. I read one Cambria Hebert book 2 days ago, and I need to read all of them. Plus I found 2 short zombie stories, one of them is in the Top 6, the other is just outside of it, but I will probably also be reading that one this week.

With that we are at the end of this week’s Sunday’s TBR Updates! I hope everyone has a fabulous Sunday + a fantastic week. Enjoy all your books, and until next week. o/

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