Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 23-12-2018

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 23-12-2018

Hiya all!

Happy Sunday all! Eep, it is almost Christmas! is excited Welcome to a new Sunday’s TBR Updates.

It was a busy week with birthdays, tons of groceries for the festivities ahead, library visits, and more. My body is clearly letting me know it is better, but still not 100% happy about things. So I did try to take it easy at times. This week’s reading included Kindle books, tons of libraries, a mix of ARCs, and I may also have taken a shot at my physical TBR. What a good reading week. Plus, I finally was able to visit Library #4 again after almost a month of not going (because sick, bleh).

What did I read from my TBR Pile? Well… nothing. Or correction, I did try The A-List and dropped it after 2 chapters (man, it was just bland and annoying) and also tried Handig Handboek voor lijfbezitters (but quite found out that even though it has been YEARS I still could remember most of the book).
As for my Kindle? I read Thelma/Amy (those two short horror stories and they were both amazing), I read + didn’t like #Hater. Didn’t even want to try out #Player, instead opting to go for #Selfie and proceeding to drop that one. I also read #Holiday (which was just as cute as the first book in the series).

So my Paper TBR went down, but it also went up. Yesterday I bought 3 books I found for a bargain at ABC Book Store (see here for pictures) and this week two of the books I ordered arrived (see here for pictures).

We come to my new TBR pile. Featuring that one book, Wundersmith, that I have been meaning to read for weeks now, and 3 of the new books.

Since I got quite a ton of new Library books + want to read books from my physical TBR, I only have a top 3 Kindle books for this week. Featuring 3 books by Cambria Hebert.

And so ends another Sunday’s TBR Updates! Next week is the last one for 2018, before we head with a new TBR Pile into 2019. I want to wish everyone a fabulous Sunday, have a great day. May it be filled with reading and relaxation. See you all next week \o.

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