Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 30-12-2018

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 30-12-2018

Afternoon everyone!

Happy Sunday my dear dear readers! I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and I hope your New Years will be glittery and sparkly! Welcome to a new (and the last of 2018) Sunday’s TBR Updates.

What a week, what a week. Christmas happened, first day with my fiance’s family and the second one just the two of us. And then there were other things. Phew. But I did manage to read quite a bit, mostly my library books though. But no worries, my TBR also got some love and care. It wasn’t lonely this week.

What did I read from my TBR pile? The Love OZYA Anthology (Fantastic! Fabulous!), Onibi (Mysterious and gorgeous), Unicorn Society Handbook (Beautiful and fun). Not on my TBR pile this time, but a book that is sitting on my pile of books still to read (as said before I have 2 TBR piles, one manageable, and one I randomly pick books from for the manageable TBR pile). Namely, Interview with the Vampire: Claudia’s Story. And I also read one of the books that I got from Santa, The Big Book of Parenting Tweets.

I didn’t touch my Kindle this week. I just wasn’t in the mood for it.

My Paper TBR went down again, but it also went up with the 5 books I got from Santa, though I did read one of them, so I guess it should be 4 books up. 😛

Say hello to my new TBR pile. This time still with that red book (arggh), 4 Christmas-gained books, and some other things. Yep, a lot, but I really want to read these books.

No Kindle Top anything, again I am just not in the mood for that device. Maybe next week again.

And that concludes this week’s Sunday’s TBR Updates! I am so delighted that I started this one this year, and I can’t wait to continue it in the new year. Thank you all for reading, and I hope you will look forward to next year’s updates and seeing what my TBR will be doing then. 🙂 Have a fantastic Sunday, everyone, and I will see you again in the new year. \o

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