Library Haul 2-1-2019

Library Haul 2-1-2019

Evening everyone!

My first Library Haul of the year, and ouch, it wasn’t a good one. But I wanted to go really badly to Library #4, I was finished the books I had at home and I did want to see if I could score some new ones.

Sadly, I kind of wish I hadn’t visited. Sure, I found 4 books, which is nice, but I had hoped for more. Some new ones for instance. But I guess I can just blame Christmas and New Year for it. 😛 Both fell on a Tuesday and those are generally the days that libraries here get new books. I guess I will try to visit again next week, cross your fingers for me.

And a bit early, but my fiance and I will be moving sometime this year (we are getting the house on April 1st, no joke, but it can also be earlier (or later I guess)). Which means that I will be finding a new Library #4 as our new place is in another town. The other libraries won’t change. Sure, it will take me 10 minutes more to get to Library #1, but other two library I generally visited with my fiance, which means we take the car. However, Library #4 is just too far away when I move. It is a shame, but I am also very eager to find out what goodies the new library in the new town will hold.

Stats: 4 books. 2 non-fiction, 2 fiction.

I will be adding the books to Goodreads as I read them.

Een kist vol goud by Jette Schröder
Ik blijf thuis! by Stella Braam
Prinses Arabella en de keukenprins by Mylo Freeman
In beweging: Negentien jaar mobiliteit by Michel Wassing

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