Library Haul 24-1-2019

Library Haul 24-1-2019

Evening all,

It was time for my weekly visit to Library #1, and it was also highly needed. Yes, I went to Library #1 on Sunday but those 3 new books? Read (or in the case of one dropped at 70 pgs)! Of the previous batch of 4 books that were still in my possession I read 2. So I decided that it was time for my weekly visit to Library #1 to get some new books.

I had room for 6 books (I am so loving my new limit of 8 books, so many possibilities), so I was excited to roam around and look in all my favourite spots for new books.

But first, bringing back my read books turned a bit of a challenge as the return-books-machines didn’t work. My side didn’t even open up his flap to allow books, the one next to me kept spitting out books back to the woman standing there. 😛 Thankfully, after some banging on windows, and trying to get attention, we managed to get two staff to see what was going on. Apparently the two machines got a bit wonky after someone just stuffed a stack of 3 books in one machine and walked away. Yes, it is clearly mentioned that you should only do a book a time, but either that person didn’t care or they couldn’t read Dutch. After some patience and them helping out all the books were returned. We talked some more about books and libraries which is always fun.

After that I had fun roaming around and finding books. I even found a book that wasn’t around the last time I check but was around now (Legendary). So that made me very happy, as I have been hoping to read that one for some time now. It was a good haul today, and I can’t wait to read these books, hopefully I find some new books to love!

Stats: 6 books. All of them fiction!

Nelly the Monster Sitter: The Grerks at No.55 by Kes Gray, Chris Jevons
That’s Not What Happened by Kody Keplinger
Letters From the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll
Op zoek naar de Vindeleer by Rob Geukens, Emilie Timmermans
De baas by Vi Keeland
Legendary by Stephanie Garber

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