Library Haul 31-1-2019

Library Haul 31-1-2019

Evening all,

Welcome to the Library Haul for Library #1. I read/tried 6 of my 8 books and that meant I was in a need for new books, and yay it is Thursday which meant I could actually visit. dances

I was very happy when I reached the library, it is very cold outside so my body could use some warmth. I also stayed a bit longer today due to that, really no motivation to go outside again, but also because I didn’t have the best of luck with finding books. Often I just check the newest releases and those already give me a ton of books, but today those new releases barely struck a chord with me. Thankfully while wandering around I did manage to find 6 books for me to read. I was at first worried I wouldn’t be able to take 2 of those books as they had some kind of special sticker on it, but apparently you can still borrow them, so yay! I can’t wait to read that unicorn cookbook, hopefully I can find some new unicorn recipes to try out.

I do hope that the staff managed to find that guy who was bothering me and other people. He really made me feel uncomfortable. Didn’t say anything, but got very close to me and tried to hand me some kind of folder/photograph. He popped up twice, when there was no one really around. So I went to staff to report him. shivers Maybe he didn’t mean anything with it, but it really got me uncomfortable especially when it happened again. 🙁

Other than that uncomfortable event happening the rest of my library visit was fun and cosy.

Stats; 6 books. 4 non-fiction, 2 fiction.

Hamstersaurus Rex by Tom O’Donnell
Princess Pulverizer: Bad Moooove! by Nancy E. Krulik
Emma wil leven by Josha Zwaan
Natuurlijk biologie by Sara van Duijn
I 💕 Unicorn Food by Sandra Mahut
Paardenpraat: Springen by Britt & Esra

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