My Year in Reading/Reviewing 2018

My Year in Reading/Reviewing 2018

Hello everyone!

Yep, earlier than last year, welcome to My Year in Reading/Reviewing 2018!

How much did I read + in what languages? 

Last year (2018) I read a total of 1184 books, but it may be more. Goodreads sucks. I keep finding books without read dates, the export misses about a 100 books. So I am sorry, I am really disappointed in Goodreads this year. Next year should be better as I am going to be keeping a planner and write down each book (with a number).

How much did I review?

I have written 711 reviews in total (not counting several books that are in series and I just reviewed in one bundle instead of writing a review for each book). This number also includes the 8 books that are scheduled to be posted this year (2019).

What were the stats per language (as I review in Dutch and English)?

Out of 712 reviews:

188 reviews were Dutch

524 reviews were English (and some of these reviews might come from Dutch books that were originally English, and thus I decided to review them in English).

Some more on reviewing.

This year I wrote longer reviews, I have read less but I have written more reviews that I posted on my blog (meaning they are at least 200 words). I am quite surprised by that as I had expected I had written less blog-worthy reviews due to reading less, but apparently not. I am quite proud and delighted, even if it is only like 20/30 more reviews, it is still quite a nice achievement.


I am quite happy with how I read, though I do think it is a shame I read a bit less this year, that it seems to go down. But then I think about all the other things that I do next to reading and I get a smile on my face. I discovered Netflix this year (Brooklyn Nine Nine!!!), tried to watch some more anime (as I have been doing that less these past years), I have been trying to do some more dancing, and of course there is my blog which is still growing and I love making up new content!

Some stats from GR (picking up some parts from My Books > Stats, but also from My Year in Books 2018).

I read 165717 pages. Which with 1183 books, equals to 140 page average!

As Goodreads doesn’t have the correct stats this year, apparently a webcomic I read suddenly has a page count… it has 1788 pages (which I don’t believe), I can only list this year’s shortest book: Stamp! Stamp! with 10 pages.

My average rating for 2018 is  (well, to be exact it is 4.1, but details 😋). Just like last year I had an amazing year in reading. Tons of new books that I liked and loved. Some may think this number is high, but I am happy. I am glad that, unlike years before, these days I just drop a book if I don’t like it. That I try to go for books I (will) enjoy.

As for reading resolutions this year?

Read, read, and read some more! I hope to discover some new comics, and I want to read more Young Adult this year. Oh, and since this year Dutch books won with how much I read of those, I want to read more English next year.

As for reviewing resolutions this year?

I am happy with how much I review, it is at times a bit much to review all the books, but for most books the words just tumble out of my head. But, yes there is a but, I would like to be more happy with my reviews. At times I just feel like it is not good enough, or I am worried I was too harsh. So, for 2019, I want to be happy with what I type, what I post. Just do my thing. Without worries.


Like last year, tons of work as Goodreads is not that eager to cooperate with me. For instance I cannot easily go to my read shelf (or other bigger shelves). But I managed to get all my statistics and boy, it was fun to see what I did this year + share it with the whole world.

I am very eager for 2019, can’t wait to see what it brings. This year I had 25 (well, 26 if you include the re-read) 5+ starred books! I hope that 2019 will bring many more favourites to my home. I can’t wait to meet these books and read their stories.

Well, that rounds up this post, thanks for reading it. And I want to wish all my readers and followers a happy 2019. May it be filled with good books, good stories, and let us all find a new book boy/girlfriend to love and root for.

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