Review for All Summer Long

Review for All Summer Long

One summer, one friendship, and tons of things that will be changing.

I have been meaning to read this one since before it came out, and I am very delighted that I finally have a chance to do it. And it was quite fun!

I will be making a good/bad review as I do want to write a review.

-Male/Female relationship without the possibility of romance. Thank you. I am always happy to see this in books as many others turn a fabulous friendship in romance. Girls and boys can have a friendship without any romance. I have had and still have quite a few of those.
-The art!
-The fact that eventually Bina found other things to enjoy and to do when her best friend wasn’t there. Like babysitting, going to concerts, becoming friends with her best friend’s sister (eventually), making music.
-That she was able to meet her idol.
-I loved that she was able to make music and that she practised hard on her guitar skills.
-That they, up till this year, had a book with all sorts of fun things and how much points it was worth.

-That Austin didn’t even think to just talk to her normally about things. Instead he decided on ignoring her and sending as little texts as possible. Which I found a dickmove. I get that he was worried about his campmates, but this was just mean. Bina was totally confused about things and it made her very unhappy to have her best friend just dump her like that. This was something that made me like the story less. And then it took him ages before he finally confessed why he was acting all weird. Like I say with other books, people need to freaking talk more.
-That Bina would just climb into her best friend’s home because she lost the key. What? I get he is your best friend, but you can’t just break in.
-That she let herself be bossed around by her best friend’s sister. Yes, she was kind, but there were moments that I just wanted to shake the girl. Leaving someone alone with a tiny kid while she has no experience in babysitting is a giant big no no.
-When she met her idol, I was very happy but it became a bit cringy quite fast. I am sorry, but your idol is still talking to you and you just walk away? Awkward!
-I did think it was a bit sad that, without Austin, Bina just didn’t know what to do with her life. Um? That is not good.
-Oh, and that Bina just goes into Austin’s room when he isn’t there. Girl, privacy? Please?

As you can see there are good and bad. I still had fun reading it, but it wasn’t as good as I had hoped.

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