Review for At His Majesty’s Request: Harlequin Manga

Review for At His Majesty’s Request: Harlequin Manga

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just have to say I am loving that cover. I love the roses and the details on the clothes. Then there is the blurb, and oh my. A prince who needs a bride, but then falls in love with the matchmaker (and she with him). Eeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

Um… “Prince Stavros… why are you cutting it off at age twenty-eight?” “Because I want kids. Three, ideally.” Um, women 28+ can still get kids you know. 😛

Oh, and hilariously, on the cover our girl has green eyes, yet on the colour pages she has blue eyes. Mmmmmmm. Curious.

I had a laugh at the idea of the prince. He wasn’t that happy with the matchmaking, sure, he wanted the girls, but he just wanted to go on dates and not just a few minutes here and there of conversations. And I totally agree. I loved his idea though: “What if we just put up posters around the country? A castle, tiara, title and a small island! All this can be yours if you marry the prince.”

Aww, he wants to get to know her! Ship ship shippppp! Can I say I much like this Jessica more than her stiff and business-like matchmaker self. Of course, she has to be professional, but what is wearing here is still pretty fancy. Also she keeps wearing some gorgeous dresses throughout the manga, I just wanted to step in and ask her where she bought them so I could get them as well!

snifflesAww, that part made me sad. So she can’t have children due to what happened to her in the past. Poor girl. 🙁 I can imagine that the prince may not like that if he does fall in love, but I am also optimistic he can get over it. There is always the option to adopt a tiny human.

snickers Haha, he now has no interest in the girls Jessica picked because she is so sexy to him (he likes her legs). And they are getting closer and closer, I just wonder who will make the first move. They are so adorable together and I am rooting for them to get together. They would make quite the pair. Whoooooooop, he makes the first move! Yes! As I was already hoping. swoons

I am sorry, but her face during the reveal of what was going on with her. I laughed. Because it looked so out of place. More like a horror instead of a confession in a romance manga.

OMG, he researched. For her! Awwww. swoons some more And he is so sweet with his thoughts. He is pissed at Jessica’s ex husband, and he wants to make her happy without hurting her. OMG. sniffs

Oh my! Drama and more sadness. Run after her boy! Do it!

I am not crying, I have something in my eye. That was a beautiful and heartbreakingly gorgeous ending. Wow.

“Oh, Stavros… I always thought there was something wrong with me.”
“There is nothing wrong with you. You were made for me. That’s why we found each other.” cries

Well, this was just perfect. I loved EVERY bit of it. The art was fabulous (OK, maybe a bit awkward at points). OMG, this was just amazing. Highly recommended.

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