Review for Babysitting Nightmares: The Shadow Hand

Review for Babysitting Nightmares: The Shadow Hand

The first book in a wonderful series combining babysitting with magic and creepy things going bump in the night.

I have had my eyes on this book for a long time, and finally I was able to buy it. Finally I could read it. And boy, I had so much fun reading this one that I couldn’t stop reading until the story was over. I just had to know what would happen to Kyle, who the Nightmare Queen was, and if the girls would get Kyle back safely.

The book begins with a fun movie marathon and we meet our girls. Rebecca is our MC, and her friends are Tanya and Clio. Oh, and there is also Maggie. It all seems quite cute, but as soon as Rebecca heads to her babysitting job things go south. It was all quite exciting, and I couldn’t wait to see how long it would take Rebecca to notice that something was up with Kyle. Because a sudden storm? An earthy scent? Creepy shadows? Handprints on the sill? Something is wrong, and thanks mainly due to the blurb I knew what had happened.
I loved that she didn’t find out immediately, though she did notice something was off. But then when her one of her best friends gets bitten by Kyle, then she truly knows something is off with the cuddly baby she is babysitting. And from that moment on she is dedicating all she can to find out what has happened and what she can do about it. And not just her, but her friends are there to help her. I loved that her friends helped her out, poring over books, making plans. That is friendship right there, helping your friend when she needs you.

I just loved Clio’s aunt, how she believed the girls, was open to supernatural stuff, and even helped out the girls. Plus, she was just so fun to be around. I had quite a giggle when she did that when the girls first visited the store. So mean, but so so brilliant. I would have done the same to my niece and her friends. 😛

It was no surprise that the parents didn’t notice anything. I have read enough books about changelings to know that this is generally the way it goes. It still made me sad though, as everyone could see that Kyle clearly wasn’t Kyle. With each day passing the changeling was changing, getting more aggressive.

The plan the girls created was absolutely brilliant. Though I do feel they could have prepared themselves better. For instance they almost ate the food, it was thanks to Maggie (for once I am grudgingly saying that she was good for something) that they didn’t. But shouldn’t everyone know that eating food from fairyfolk/supernatural folks is a no-no. OH, and I definitely would love to try out that egg in cake recipe. I guess I will be looking around to see if I can find any information, and otherwise I will just try a basic cake recipe, and what information the book gives me.

The challenges they had to fulfil were quite interesting. A riddle, food, and then something else. I was kind of shocked that the girls were even considering doing it. I mean, I get that the changeling is probably icky, but he doesn’t deserve that.

The ending was really good and set the mood/tone for the next book.

And I can’t forget the delightful/fun illustrations. They really added to the story/book.

Maggie was the only thing I disliked oh so much in this book. She was a total mean girl for the parts we saw her. I believe there may have been just one scene with her being kind and that was in the beginning. Then I could indeed see their friendship. However, for the rest of the book? I couldn’t see it and I wanted Maggie to go away. She made constant mean comments, mostly directed at Rebecca and I just couldn’t think of the why. Rebecca does tell us, the reader, that she and Maggie apparently have arguments at times and that everything is hunkydory afterwards, but I am sorry, this isn’t an argument. This is just constant degrading comments. 😐 How are you friends with her?

Other than that? I loved the book. It was fun, exciting, it had magic and mystery, it had friendship (well between Clio, Tanya, and Rebecca), it was filled with courage. I just can’t wait until the next book in the series. Hopefully I can buy it soon.

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