Review for Between Duty and Desire: Harlequin Manga

Review for Between Duty and Desire: Harlequin Manga

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review!

I was so excited about this one, that blurb sounds amazingly sweet. About a woman who lost her husband and how his best friend, Brock, is now trying to have her get over the loss, help her go out again, help her find love and happiness again.

I was already tearing up and I just started! 13 pages in and I already cry. OMG. I loved that Brock went to Callie, to give her that picture, to talk to her, to see her. Given the state of the room.. she definitely needed it. Haha, he is a smartass. Staying at the ocean for his leg, sure, sure, and of course you need help from Callie. Sure. It was sweet of him though and did bring Callie out of her shell for a bit.

Aww, Brock is feeling guilty because of what happened to Rob. 🙁 Now I am hoping for both Callie and Brock to find each other and be able to get close.

snorts When Callie opens the door in the morning, her hair is all over the place. I just love that though, so many girls would take time and effort to look good before opening their doors, but I guess Callie doesn’t care (I wonder if it is due to what happened to her husband or that she is naturally like this).

Um, that is weird. That she almost ate a strawberry while she is allergic to them? I know that I generally avoid stuff that makes me break out in hives or other not so fun symptoms.

“I’m here to fulfil Rob’s last request, to heal her wounded heart. I’m only passing through…” Sure, keep saying that, we the readers can see that you are falling head over heels with this girl, and that she is also kind of feeling something for you. On the one hand I am delighted with this, on the other hand, I wonder how long it has been since her husband died. If it was a short while… maybe not start a romance. But eh, different people, different mourning periods.

cries some moreThey finally had the conversation. About Rob, about why Brock is here, and about both of their feelings that they are missing their friend, their lover.

Lol, a drunk night happens (oh no, nothing happens), and Brock mentions this that had me in stitches: “Somehow please, grant me the patience of an ascetic monk.” Poor guy, he is clearly in love with Callie, and Callie did some things while she was drunk that made his head spin. 😛

Ohhhh, she takes the first step. I approve! I love it when a girl does that. Go girl!
Though it did bring up some questions from both characters. Would they allow this to continue? Is this wise? Isn’t Brock just passing by? Oh my!
“Just a moment. We were each other’s lover just for a moment…” continues crying This story is working really well on my tear-ducts they are getting all the work-out here.

OMG, that ending. Yup. Full-blown crying here. Oh my. “I love you Callie. I don’t want to be your lover for just a moment. I want to be your partner forever.” That was beautiful. I was so hoping for these two to get together, and yes, I could have known, it is a Harlequin Manga after all, but still, you never know, maybe they will throw something in there. But no! Yay!

The art was just absolutely gorgeous, I just LOVED the style, the characters were beautifully drawn and everything was glittery and sparkly.

Highly recommended!

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