Review for City of Ghosts

Review for City of Ghosts

“Embrace your strange, dear daughter. Where’s the fun in being normal?”

So I have been trying to concoct a review for well, almost a week, and I just can’t write a normal review. So instead I will just list all the things that I LOVED.

-The fact that there is a Veil, which is kind of like a lacy curtain. And, provided you can see them and all that, you can even go inside and see ghosts. While the idea also creeped me out, it was also totally fabulous. And there isn’t just one veil, there can be multiple entrances and exits.
-Jacob. I just adored our ghost boy. Though I wish he had been honest about several things. Things that Cassidy eventually finds out when she meets another girl like her. I get that he was worried, but now she is disappointed and also wondering what else it is that you are hiding, not good for a relationship let me tell you that. But for most he was just the sweetest and the best. Cheering up Cassidy, popping up in random places when he didn’t want to travel (which had me laughing when he just sat on her suitcase when she landed in Scotland), supporting her. I loved their banter. I am glad that Cassidy can see him.
Of course, I still have tons of questions. Who is he? Why was he there right in the moment that Cassidy needed him (when she fell of the bridge)? What happened to him? What else does he know? I hope in the next book we get some answers.
-Scotland/Edinburgh, it is one of those places I hope to one day visit. Not only because of the Harry Potter thing, but also because of the history, the ghosts and the hauntings. Victoria Schwab wrote it all perfectly, it was as if I was walking alongside of Cassidy.
-At first I was worried about the girl who also has the gifts. She seemed a tad annoying, maybe too cocky. And sure, there were a few times that I wasn’t happy with her, but for most she was a fantastic character and I loved how strong she was. I loved that she helped out Cassidy. Not just with the Veil but also with other things that happen when she is there.
-The parents. While they are totally clueless about ghosts they are making a show about it. Writing books. Travelling the world. I wouldn’t mind having such amazing parents. I adore ghost stories and hauntings so I would definitely be very excited to help them out and travel with them. I also would definitely watch their show (can someone make this reality, please?).
-Raven in Red. Oh yes, add some tension and excitement, I love it! I was already pretty happy without her, the story was good already, but adding an antagonist? A bad ghost? Who is out and hunting for Cassidy and what she has? Oh yes! Oh yes! It was so exciting, and when things went truly south it only got more exciting. I can tell you, I already couldn’t stop reading, but now I was just growling at my fiance if he dared to interrupt (sorry honey). I had to know more about this Raven in Red, and also if Cassidy would be able to defeat her and bring some peace in the ghost/human world.
-The gift and what it entails. I was already wondering if there was more to it than to just be able to cross to the other side, and I was delighted to find out that, yes, there was more. OK, it will take some time for Cassidy to get used to her new job, but I am sure she will be good at it.
-The photographs. I have always had an interest to ghost photography, so I was happy to see that Cassidy took her camera with her to make pictures, and that occasionally she hit jackpot. I would have loved to see those photographs (or just illustrations of them) in the book. Would have made everything even more eerie.
-The ending, I loved how there was a part that had the exact wording as when Cassidy and her family first went to travel. Nice touch!
-The cover. We see Cassidy, her cat, and tons of shadows (ghosts) surrounding her.
-There are tons of ghost stories/history tidbits.

I could probably think of a few more things that I loved, but I think I got most of them. So I will finish with that I would recommend this book to everyone. Do you love ghosts? Hauntings? Creepy ghosts out there to get you (just don’t listen to her music)? Scotland? A kick-ass girl? Read this one!

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