Review for Claimed For Makarov’s Baby: Harlequin Manga

Review for Claimed For Makarov’s Baby: Harlequin Manga

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

OH MY GOSH that cover is just adorable. Though I am curious why the girl is looking behind her with such a worried face, I guess we will find out soon.

Oh dear, oh dear, another hidden child story. A woman who has gotten pregnant, and now the guy finally finds out about his child. This can go two ways. He is understanding, or he is a dick. Which one will our guy be? OK, first impressions aren’t well. Objection is one thing (especially when the wedding is fake anyway), but just grabbing her and kissing her? No. Nope. Not romantic. Just creepy.

He: “Why didn’t you come to me? I’m much richer than that Brazilian.”
She: That would have been a loveless marriage, too!” <- Ladies and gentlemen the fatal burn has been applied. 😛

How magical, the one time they had sex she gets pregnant. Gee, I know that contraception isn’t always safe, but come on, this was too much of a coincidence and I couldn’t help but laugh at it all.

snorts She never felt attracted to him until she saw him practically naked. Wow. That is kind of bad. 😛
Also this conversation: “Are you really my secretary, Erin? How are you making me so excited? Erin!” I am sorry, maybe this was meant to be romantic, but it just made me laugh.

Dang, the rest of their conversation is just one big NOPE I don’t like this guy. Playboy types are not my types. Plus, he is so contradictory. No I want her. Oh yes, I want her. No, I am not interested in my kid, oh yes I am take this money. Urghhh. And now he is just going to whisk her away because all of the sudden he wants to be with her. Oh, and instead of it being romantic… he is also blackmailing her. If she isn’t coming he is going to tell his son who he is.

But I did like how these two got closer and became more honest with each other. Yes, I could see that there was love blooming between these two, and it was very nicely done. Eventually I was rooting for these two to get together. To share kisses, to share love.

Oh, dramatic past story for Dimitri. I can imagine his childhood wasn’t a happy one. 🙁

When Erin leaves with Leo, and Dimitri is wondering this: “Did I make a mistake somewhere? Where did I make a mistake?” Um the one where you propose to her? Right after sex? And then told her that you and she don’t love each other so it would be OK, no breaking hearts or whatever. sighs Dude, really…

Urgh, I had magical things happening. Suddenly something is found and oh hey, turns out certain things weren’t as bad.. sighs And of course that spurs a dramatic speech and yet another proposal, because this is Harlequin and we just have a few pages left and so need to end this one in a happy ending.

As you can read, this was hit and miss, so a 3 star is what I will give. The art was very pretty and I quite loved it.

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