Review for Giant Days: Early Registration

Review for Giant Days: Early Registration

Welcome to a very early version of Giant Days. Sadly, this wasn’t a favourite of mine.

I was pretty excited when I heard about this book, and that it would be a very early version of GD, one of my favourite series.

Sadly, very sadly, I feel really unhappy that I didn’t like this book. With each issue I felt my heart sink further, and I have had a few times that I wanted to drop out. But I kept reading on, hoping for something, a spark, something. But sadly, I didn’t find it.

I already knew the art would probably be a bit eh/dodgy, but I hadn’t expected it to be this. It was, sorry to the artist, bad. Yes, I could see some improvement with each issue, but it wasn’t that much, which is a shame. Yes, I could recognise the characters, but yet they also looked different. Esther wasn’t as glamorous and gothy, Daisy seemed normal with the exception of her ever present poof of hair, Susan.. well it was that we knew it was her and she had that attitude of hers. 😛 The other characters didn’t fare much better. sighs

The story, well, it was fun to see them meet up again, see them go through the university, visit colleges and have fun, go to mysterious parties and get tattoos, but it was also very chaotic and time jumped around quite a bit. At times I was confused how it was night one moment and apparently day the next… For instance the party with the mean girls (what the hell happened there btw?), the girls were partying and the next Daisy is checking if the meanies have truly left and apparently it was the day after it all. Whut?

So yeah, didn’t enjoy this one, sadly.

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