Review for Heartless Abduction: Harlequin Manga

Review for Heartless Abduction: Harlequin Manga

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Warning, this book pissed me off, so there will be cursing. Tons of it.

I have to confess I was quite uncomfortable by the title and the blurb. The cover is also quite creepy. But I still wanted to give this one a shot, Harlequin manga always have a happy ending and I was curious to see what this one would be.

And I was further creeped out when the title page has her in a cage…. Looking very distressed. Eh.

OH man, I thought her name was just Nella, but her name is Petronella. Sorry, I just got to laugh. Not really in the mood to dive into the whys, but it has do with something personal.

Wow, man, right of the bat he is calling her names and telling her she is a criminal. Not letting her talk or get a word in. I already hate the guy. Really, what is up with people in Harlequin Manga to just sprout random accusations and then not listen when someone is trying to explain or saying they are innocent. Instead you just kidnap them or blackmail them. Classy, nope. Really, he just kidnaps her. I am not sure about you dude, but that is so so very illegal. Fucking bastard.

“The man earns the money, the woman cooks. That’s a given.” You fucking sexist pig.

But of course, no fucking wonder, she is falling for him. Good lord. Woman, please have some selfrespect. 😐 Stockholm syndrome setting in already? That was fast.

And of course, why not. Luis recognises her. Urgh. I was so happy for another outcome, but of course not, it is Harlequin. The drama needs to add up.

Urghhh, I am so hating this guy. He is a total dickwad. I am sorry, I don’t fucking care any more about the romance, I just want this story to be over and him in jail. 😐 Oh man, of course he is the jealous type. Hello, hello??? It is perfectly normal for a woman to have a male friend. I also got one, and believe me my fiance doesn’t give a shit. Neither do I give a shit that he has female friends. Oh why the fuck not, it is all orchestrated by Mr. Dicky McDickface of many warts.

What the actual fuck? She just stripped naked? Well, that is not going to help your case woman. Really. Not. Oh, but now he believes her. Oh good grief, the story in this one is so terribly written. Good lord. Maybe I should also start writing books. 😛

Luis, please, I get that you are badly hurt, but you are a fucking moron. Also this: “While I was comatose, things finally clicked together in mind.” Wow, dude. No. Just no.

The truth about Luis’ wife, well, gee wiz, I could have told you that from the beginning. Oh wait, I was doing that. But Raul the kidnapper and creepy dude wouldn’t listen.

Ah, yes, the typical Harlequin ending. Marriage. Sorry, but I am just laughing SO SO much now. Stockholm syndrome! Whoooooo”!

Art was pretty decent. But the rest just plain sucked. I am not even going to give this 1 star. NO.

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