Review for Keiko: Tales of Courage From Beyond The Apocalypse

Review for Keiko: Tales of Courage From Beyond The Apocalypse

Meet Keiko, a blind girl from Alabama who can kick some zombie ass!

My third Tales of Courage From Beyond The Apocalypse, I finally found this one, and also book 4, 5, and 6 so look forward to those reviews as well. I am delighted as I loved the first two books featuring an old lady who isn’t going to be kicking the bucket any time soon (well, she may just kick a bucket towards a zombie, but you know what I mean) and a small child.

My first impression of Keiko wasn’t a truly good one. I get that she is pissed at people assuming that she can’t do crap, but yeah, people will assume. Especially in a zombie apocalypse. It sucks, I know, but it is already hard for seeing people to survive, of course people are going to wonder how you survive. Thankfully, she gets better after that and I was really interested to see how she went by killing zombies and surviving. With the help of her faithful katana and seeing stick she got by pretty dang nicely. She slept in high place were zombies couldn’t pop by (and so she wouldn’t be surprised), she stayed away from them if she had her period (because blood), she knocks on doors first before entering a house. She got quite a nice pile of food, she knows how to efficiently dispose of a zombie, and she is also very kind. We see her save multiple people from zombies.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about the reverend. I am religious myself, but this guy was just too much for me. At times I loved his messages, the things he said, but at times… just too much. Way too much. But whatever floats his boat I guess. I am happy that he can, in this time of darkness, still find the light and stay positive as much as is possible.

Oh, and yes, I agreed with Keiko that it was gross, but I was also agreeing that it was awesome to use used tampons/pads as scent lures. 😛 I haven’t yet read that in any of my zombie books, but dang it is a fantastic idea.

The ship also returns as Keiko and the Reverend are off to deliver a few babies, twins, freshly born.

The ending had me crying. Poor Keiko, that will stay with her forever.

All in all, even with those tiny bumps, this was a pretty nice part in the series. I am now off to read book 4 (and the rest).

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