Review for Maou no Mama ni Narundayo, Vol.1

Review for Maou no Mama ni Narundayo, Vol.1

A hero, a baby demon lord, fanservice, and tons of humour!

I couldn’t resist checking this one out when I spotted this one on Twitter. The cover looked great and the title had me in stitches: I’m going to be the Devil’s mama!.

Meet our main girl, she is a hero and was meant to kill the demon lord. HOWEVER, the demon lord is a tiny baby. Yep. And she just can’t kill him, no matter what. He is still a baby! Even though he is a very very big pervert, as proven many times over in this manga. She still believes that maybe, with the right education, the right care, that he can be a good person. And so, with the help of a very interesting circlet around the baby’s head (which will explode his head if he dares to do perverted actions), and with the adoption papers signed and done for, our hero is now a mom! Congrats, mom! Yay! I hope you enjoy this tiny little hell spawn. Oh yes, he can’t be away from you for more than 24 hours or he dies, and killing a child leads to the death sentence… Yup. She is screwed.

There is a way to get rid of the circlet, and our demon spawn is more than enticed to do what is needed for it. He needs to help a big number of people, because apparently the idea is that he will be a good person after helping so many people. My thoughts though? He will just do it for the sake of it and then go back to being a pervert. But one never knows, the manga is still ongoing so maybe he will turn out to be a kind guy in the end. 😛

As they help people we meet new people that are now included in the cast. Like a girl with chuunibyou syndrome who turns out to be quite nice if she is trying to be herself. I loved that she could do magic. Then there is the woman who was with our demon lord when he was born, and we can already see that most of his pervertedness stems from her. Dear Lord, that woman is just bonkers, and I was frankly disgusted how she was all ready to have sex with the demon lord.. who is a baby. Eww. Woman, please close your legs and dress yourself. 😐

There is tons of fanservice in this manga. Tons of big boobs (apparently most characters we meet have those), there is a tentacle scene (which made me slightly uncomfortable), and then there is the naked demon lord fangirl. So be warned. It does fit with the manga though, so I didn’t have too much trouble with it.

I had so much fun reading this one, and I was laughing many many times. The art was also fabulous, and I quite like our MC. All in all, this is one I need to continue reading, and one I would recommend if you are looking for a fun manga and you don’t mind fanservice.

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