Review for Nipper and the Lunchbox

Review for Nipper and the Lunchbox

I read this one in Dutch, but I will be writing my review in English.

I was already totally in love with the cover and the title (in Dutch it is: Nipper doet zijn best), but now that I have read it I have also fallen head over heels with this adorable picture book.

First up, before the story, we see two pages full of cute photographs of Nipper and his human Richard. Frames upon frames of picture. Featuring Nipper when he was a bit tinier, Nipper as he is now. I was just awwwing as I checked out each frame with a photograph.

And then starts the book. We meet Nipper, he loves all sorts of things, but he loves his best friend, Richard, the most. Sadly, Richard has to work everyday, and that means that Nipper has to stay home. But today Nipper gets a chance to visit Richard, because Richard forgot his lunchbox. What a coincidence! And then started the fun. Now I am sure you are all wondering how does a dog get out of the house? Well, there is a cat flap, and Nipper in all his fluffiness (we just call it that and not say he is a bit on the chubby side of life) can just fit through it. Sure, I was laughing at how he was wiggling left and right just to get through it, and I was also hoping he wouldn’t get stuck.

From that point we see him travel in busses, bags, run away from gulls and dogs (the lunch is apparently very delicious), we see him get lost (oh, no) and bring along a ton of girlish underwear (Nipper, no), and then finally he lands in a toy store. I was already wondering why he stopped there, but that is Richard’s store. Yes, Richard has a toy store, and he just discovered a way to bring more people in. People love Nipper (well, duh, look at that adorable fluffiness). The ending had me totally happy, not just for Richard, because he also misses Nipper, but also Nipper, who misses Richard.

The art was just adorable, I love the way Nipper was drawn and I wish I could have a Nipper in my life.

All in all, a very you’re such a good boy book filled with adorableness, cuteness, and lots of fluffiness. I would highly recommend this one.

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