Review for PLUS+

Review for PLUS+

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

WOW, just WOW. I loved this book. I just love books about fashion, about seeing people dress in their favourite fashions, but quite often these woman are thin (sometimes even thinner than thin), so I was more than excited to see plus-sized ladies show us all about their fashion. To note, I am not plus-size myself, but I do like more variety in fashion, everyone should just be able to wear what they want and show it off to the world! Thin, curvy, plus-sized, tiny or big, everyone should shine.

This book shows us various girls/woman telling us about their fashion and quite often we see that they were told not to wear a certain thing as they weren’t the right size for it (urgggh, people please). I loved seeing all these strong woman showing us proudly what they like to wear (and boy, I love their clothes), and I can just say that they were all fabulous and inspirational. Very inspirational. Very motivational. <3

Due to the book being an ebook, I had at times a bit of a hard time figuring out whose quote was that at the bottom of the page. Often we have one girl on two pages, but sometimes we have two. I was just going with that the above one was for left, the bottom one was for right. Hopefully that was right. 😛

The photography quality was overall pretty high, though there were a few that seemed blurry/out of focus. I loved that the photographer is able to catch the sparkle in each of these girls’ eyes, you could see the confidence radiate out of them. I love it when photographers are able to catch that.

All in all, this was a very inspirational book, definitely having me motivated to just try out those tops I haven’t dared to wear. Now to just wait for the summer to arrive as it is a bit too cold to wear them in November.
Definitely recommended!

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