Review for PramBusters!

Review for PramBusters!

The prambusters are here to make you an awesome pram!

I believe I borrowed this book once before but wasn’t in the mood to read it then. However I was in the mood yesterday so I took it with me again from the library.

But, I have to say, I thought this would be about kids BUILDING a pram. Given the blurb that says inventing one. But apparently it just meant drawing one and thinking of all sorts of fun features to add to the drawing. Which sure, is also fun, but I kind of wanted to see the kids build something.

This holiday day camp sounds delightful though, wish I could go to one, I can’t remember but I don’t believe we have this sort of thing in my country. Or maybe these days, but not in my time. I wouldn’t have minded spending a few days there, of course not all. The fun of a holiday is exploring the neighbourhood, going to playgrounds, or the woods, or anything else really. Freedom!

I loved that they could just run around, do races, there was story time, they had a big big box full of fun things to build things with (and glitter it as much as one can).

I was a bit o.0’ed when one of the kids wanted freaking knives on a pram. What the hell is wrong with you? You can’t just add knives to a baby carriage, that is just wrong. But she did find her fellow add weird (and dangerous) things to a pram-people. I guess I am a softy, but sorry, no just no.

We already knew that the man in charge couldn’t choose, but I would have liked him to have done it here. But then again, he didn’t really do much when the kids got to arguing about the knives and the death trap pram other kids were making.

My favourite pram? Well, if you didn’t get it from my review yet, I am a softy and I just adored the fluffy, waterbed-filled, cutesy pram.

The book is also delightfully illustrated by Vicki Gausden.

All in all, I had quite a lot of fun reading this one and so I would recommend it. 🙂

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