Review for Press Here! Massage for Beginners

Review for Press Here! Massage for Beginners

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

How could I resist this book? I love massaging my fiance when he has had a tense day at work (or a tense week), and I could always use some new tips and ideas to make the massage even better. This one sounded right up my alley and not only that I also like the illustrations.

The book is split up in various sections. We start with Planning Your Session, following by Self-care (very important), then it is time for the massages, we head over to Treatment plans, and then there is also a very fun section on how to do massaging for yourself. I was definitely eager about that one.

The first part dives right in the different strokes, and boy I didn’t even know these strokes I used had proper names. Dang, nice! Not that I will probably remember them, but maybe something will stick. Sorry, I can remember how to do the moves, but the names will evade me.
The first section was very interesting to me, I knew about trigger points already but it was still interesting to see them pop up again. I also learned some new tips, like using a rice bag and heat that to warm up the body/muscles. All very interesting!

The self-care section is very short, but I did like that it was added. Not sure if I will be doing stretches before massaging my fiance, but who knows. Maybe I will. At least I can do those hand/wrist/arm stretches.

Next up is massaging and there are all sorts of them mentioned. From shoulders to arms to legs, at times I got a bit bored with the descriptions and instead started focusing on the illustrations more.

The treatment plans were different than I had expected. What I had expected was treatment plans for massages in the long run, but instead this is about when you have an headache or constipation, that kind of thing and how to treat that.

The selfmassage section was very interesting, I knew a few of the tricks there but I also learned tons of new ones! Yay!

At the end is a glossary with all the terms and what they mean. Thanks for adding that one!

At most massages are also warning when NOT to use this massage. For instance several are warned against if you are pregnant.

All in all, a book I would recommend if you are looking to do massages or want to know more about how to do them, what pressure points do, where to look and how to feel certain things.

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