Review for Ruthless Reunion: Harlequin Manga

Review for Ruthless Reunion: Harlequin Manga

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review!

Just two more to go after this manga and then I am done again with a batch of Harlequin Manga. Did I learn from two batches of tons of Harlequin Manga?? Mm, yes and no. On the one hand it is a lot of work to review all of these, and the stories are hit and miss, but on the other hand I do like reading them and when you find a story you love it is a fabulous.

In this one we have amnesia, a guy saying he is a lover (but is he really), and I was very curious to see if our girl who remember her lover, if he is her lover. What happened to her that she lost her memory?

As with all my Harlequin manga, I write my review as I read. I may edit things here and there, but what you read is my feelings as I read.

Um, this story is weird, I am just at 16 pages and what the hell? So they had sex once? She got sick and ran away. You don’t even know her name. Now some time passed (apparently 2 years though it felt more like a few months given how he reacted) and he is all pissed when he meets up with her again. Um, dude. Really? Ever heard of a one-night stand. That is what happened. Unless there is more and the author didn’t give more details, or the mangaka decided to just skip some details.
I also didn’t get why he wanted her to be removed from being a juror… Also that conversation. “Your actions could be seen as illegal.. but.. I’m not reporting you.” Dude, I hope you are bullshitting because I am sorry a one-night stand is not illegal. 😐

This story is creeping me out, and I still need to read 100 pages. This dude is disturbingly creepy and I feel so uncomfortable with it. I will give it a few more pages. I mean really, she just steps into the car with a dude she has no memory, or claims to have no memory, of. He is clearly a creepy dude, and sorry the vibes are just too wrong for me. 😐

The hell? She just kissed him after seeing some photograph that apparently triggered something?

Oh yes, sure, take her to the Bermudas and pay all the costs involved including for a psychologist. This just screams run and danger to me. 😐

“Relax. I’m not going to attack you. At least for now.” And he fucking winks when he says that. Ewww. NOPE. NOPE.

Come on, these two keep kissing and running and kissing and having awkward NOPE vibes. Oh yes, and have sex. Because why the fuck not. Man, this story is messed up in so many ways.

snorts Of course, there is the “enemy” and of course she takes it for truth. Not once questioning it, oh no. Harlequin classic right there. OH, a strange woman/man tells me x and y, IT MUST BE THE TRUTH. Dum dum dum…. Oh, and magically, very magically she SUDDENLY remembers EVERYTHING. Yuppppppp, do we believe this? No. Not anymore. I have no clue why I am still reading this and the story at times jumps around, for a moment there I thought we were still in the now (especially given how mister grumpy reacts) and then I scrolled back and Oh yes, we were in the past again. Good. Good. Not Good. And again it switches to the now? I am guessing at least given the conversation but frankly I am so so lost.

And when she finally has the balls to confront him and tell him a piece of her mind, of course someone calls her to let her know how Alex actually feels/felt. Oh good grief. Who wrote this piece of insert some not so nice words.

That ending was just so much NO. Was I supposed to be happy that Sanchia didn’t have the balls to say no? That she ended up with the man who is definitely very creepy and controlling?

This story was not good. Sorry, time jumped around like some frog on drugs, the characters were unlikeable (especially Alex), the story was just so confusing, and I still have no idea if I really should believe the amnesia story as it was all magically resolved in the blink of an eye. The art was also not entirely my favourite. It was a bit too stiff and it felt more fit for a manga about crime or shounen than shoujo-ish.

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