Review for Terms of Engagement: Harlequin Manga

Review for Terms of Engagement: Harlequin Manga

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just fell head over heels with this gorgeous cover. The romance really sparkles and glitters right off the cover! The blurb, well, it was a bit hit and miss. On the one hand I loved that she lied just to show off to her ex, but I am also not a fan of lying. I am at least glad that apparently these two found each other thanks to this.

Oh, and after 2 very terrible Harlequin Manga, I do hope that this one will be wonderful. crosses fingers and dives into the story

Wow dude, just give her time to do her things. Maybe she will surprise you. Yes, there is lots of work to be done, but hello, just let her try. She has got the books, and I am sure she is able to ask for help should she need it. No need to get all hostile towards her.

Why? Why would you want to cooperate with your ex? I am sorry, I went separate ways with my exes in both good and bad ways, but it is just awkward if we meet again. Believe me. I can’t imagine we having a good cup of tea and a laugh. Plus our MC just radiates that she isn’t too happy with things. OH well, I guess she really needs the money given the state of the house.

snortsOh, so your mistress turned out to be there for your wealthy and status, and now that she is out of the picture you think you can just go back to your ex? HAHAHAHAH. Oh, men, you always make me laugh in these manga.

I had a laugh when she called Frazer and he was there. Poof! Like a magical godmother. rolls around even harder while laughing At first he is angry, as I was expecting him to be, but then he sees that Emma is really feeling crappy and he sees that there is more to her (and also to her dick of an ex) than may be shown at first. I loved that he decided to play along.

Frazer: “Did you two divorce because he cheated on you?”
She: It’s not his fault that we’re divorced. You know, there are some people who just aren’t cut out for marriage. I’m one of those people.”
OH hell no girl. Oh hell no. He cheated on you. He did that. He ruined that marriage. You were fighting you hardest to make the relationship work. This girl needs more confidence in her life. I hope that Frazer can give her that.

Ah, the magic of small towns. Everyone knows about them being together (though they don’t know it is all fake…). I am always impressed at the speed of the gossip. I guess the town is really tiny, as I can’t imagine gossip to travel that far and that fast.
Hot dang, that gossip went by around and around. They are now engaged. Congrats? Awkward!!!

Ah yes, that awkward moment when you realise your crush wants kids… when you can’t have them (at least, I am going by that as she was visiting and struggling with the whole infertility clinic back when she was still with her ex). 🙁

Awwwwwwwwww, confessions! sniffles But also drama. Noooooo, just tell him you can’t get kids! Tell him! Come on! It takes several drama-filled pages before they can finally talk and she tells him. He was understanding, but of course, this is Harlequin I keep saying that, there is more to it. But some more talk later, and yes, finally someone who understands that you can always adopt a tiny child. There are enough kids who need parents. Yes, I was crying, because that is just the sweetest a guy can tell you. That he is OK with it, and that adoption is a good alternative to still have kids in their lives.

Awww, that ending. I am crying. Yes, yes I am. Aww, these two are perfect, and I am happy they didn’t wait around for the adoption. sniffles This was just wonderful. I loved this manga so so much, I am glad that the fluke, for now, is over!

The art was also gorgeous, though at times there were some things that were a bit awkward (like when she ran away, her legs didn’t look OK).

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