Review for The Boss and the Beauty: Harlequin Manga

Review for The Boss and the Beauty: Harlequin Manga

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Oh my, I just adored this cover! The guy who looks quite troubled, and I can see why. That girl is definitely having some kick-ass vibes. I am a bit worried about the blurb, as it seems he only fell in love with her due to her new looks. I so hope that this turns out a bit differently, and that he falls in love with the full package (in and out).

It all starts with her birthday and how her boss forgot all about it, oopsie. I did think those friends of her were nice to celebrate + give a make-over, though at times I did think it was a bit harsh. Yes, she looks quite plain, yes, she would rather flatter a guy with her wits and soul, but to laugh at her? No. But holy hell, that make-over. I cannot even recognise her any more. Man. That is one make-over. Magics.

Urggggggh, his reaction was at first funny, but when he held her longer than normal, and even kissed her. Eww. Yes, she changed. From the outside. No need to immediately turn into a horny guy. I so dislike guys who just judge people based on their looks. I so so hope that the story will evolve in him also liking her for who she actually is.

Her friends of course don’t listen to her and set her up with a date with her boss. Well, at least the dinner and the dance at home wasn’t a disaster, and they found out a bit more about each other. Like that Cindy travelled around quite a bit due to her parents. We also learn why Cindy may be a bit against the whole pretty on the outside stuff, namely her mom. I am curious if there is more story to it. We still got 60-ish pages to go, so who knows. At first I was a bit pissed at Kyle’s reaction, but I am glad he corrected himself. Now the question remains, is it true what he said, or is he just trying to get Cindy in bed?

Ah, and now we are trying to make Kyle jealous. grins And he is falling for it hook, line, sinker.

So? I am kind of confused. So he always had an interest in Cindy, but because of something happening in the past he never went for it? But why now? Because now she is extra pretty? It just doesn’t make sense that now he is suddenly interested. 😐 And yes, on the one hand I am happy that he is confessing, and yay they can be in love, but it still feels so superficial. 🙁
Ah, I am going to be correcting myself, a few pages we get more talk, and he didn’t go for her just because she was extra pretty. He was jealous. Worried that the love of his life would find another guy. OK, OK, that is pretty sweet. I am happy with that. Now I will definitely root for these two.

There we go, more truth about Cindy’s mom. Apparently mommy dearest was a prostitute… I can imagine our girl having a big aversion to beauty and all that with a mom that thrived on that and dragged her kid around like an accessory. But we find out some more, and yes, I was crying. OK, I can’t help it. These Harlequin Manga are terrible for my tearducts. I cry so often while reading these manga.

The ending was a bit abrupt, so eh. I wished to have a few more pages.

The art was fabulous though. A bit wonky at times, but in general it was done very gorgeously.

All in all, this was a good story about love, about looks, about family. And I was happy for our couple.

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