Review for The Boy Who Flew With Dragons

Review for The Boy Who Flew With Dragons

It is time for the dragons to go home. To be free. It won’t be easy.

The final book in the series, and boy I will miss it. It was such a delightful series full of dragons, friendship, sisters who love glitter and sparkles, mystery, did I mention dragons in all colours and shapes, fun illustrations, sweet parents and grandparents, some gardening.

In this one the kids will have to let the dragons go. It is time for them to go home. It isn’t an easy decision but one that needs to be made. Before the dragons will wither. I wasn’t always happy with the decisions made in this book. I get that it is hard to let someone go, but sometimes that is what you need to do.

Next to dragons having to fly away, we also have Tomas’ grandpa who is sick and ends up in the hospital. For most of the book we don’t see/hear about him, but at times we will hear what is going on with him.

Sorry, but I disliked Tomas a lot in this one (though there was also moments I did like him, like how sweet he was with his tiny sister). He was a selfish wartbag for a chunk of the book. I am sorry, I get that you don’t want to let Flicker go. It is hard to let someone go who you love. But really, you see that your tiny dragon is longing to go outside, he is hurting, he is pretty much depressed, and you? You want to keep him. Sorry, but no. And then you also lie to your friends? Letting them lose their dragons and you keep yours? What the hell Tomas, get you brain together. 😐 Oh, and then I haven’t even talked about him lying AGAIN to his grandpa, who is in the HOSPITAL. >.<. Tomas Please. No. I was really really frustrated and this ruined my delight for this book. Instead of being excited, instead of being sad, I was just pissed. So so pissed.

His little sister was way smarter than he was on letting her dragon go. I can hear people say that she took just as long as Tomas, but I don’t blame her, she didn’t know the dragons had to leave. She didn’t know they were longing for home. She noticed things were off, and then decided on her own that Tinkle had to leave (even making her a tiny suitcase with some stuff in it).

I did feel sorry that Tomas didn’t think to talk to Liam, instead just opting to be just as sneaky. I get that Liam is a scary dude, but we have also seen other sides to this guy. Why not at least try to talk. Show the diary. Show the words Elvi wrote down. If he still doesn’t get it, then you can be sneaky.
I am glad with how the Liam situation was handled, I already had a suspicion it was that going on, it was getting more and more obvious with the way the story was going.

I loved that we got a more closer look to Grim/Jim. I loved that Tomas (despite being a selfish wart about other things) was opening his heart for Jim. Talking to him, having him help out with his grandpa’s garden, even helping him with his computer (and then he found out about Jim’s family).

Of course, even more fun was finding out more about the dragons, about Elvi, about the city that once was filled with dragons and people, how she started her own dragon-fruit tree, how she raised several dragons and set them free. It was so fun to read and I was devouring each new bit of information. Oh, and of course seeing what Flicker’s special ability is, and that each dragon has one of their own.

I had a laugh at that Lolli’s mom thought it was a good idea to invite 32 toddlers to a birthday party. Lady, that is a terrible idea. Believe me. 😛

The ending, before the epilogue? I was definitely not crying, I just had things in my eyes. Then the epilogue came and more things turned up in my eyes. That was just the best ending ever. It just made me grin, smile, and yes, cry. How could I not? It was perfection.

All in all, despite wartbag Tomas who thankfully also had some good moments, this was a fantastic book again, and I enjoyed reading it oh oh so much. I would highly recommend this book and this series to everyone.

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