Review for The Grerks at No. 55

Review for The Grerks at No. 55

Meet Nelly, she is a monster sitter! Yep. She is the one who makes sure that couples can go out for the night/evening.

I just couldn’t resist the book. The title/series already spoke to me, but then the first page had me in love. I loved that Nelly would do all this for the monster community. Plus, the idea that monsters live with humans is an interesting one. I do wonder how humans and monsters got to live together. Are there special stores for monster food/necessities or do they sell those in the supermarket with all the human stuff? What about all those home improvement things, or pet stuff?

This book starts with Nelly telling us about herself, her chaotic family, and then about the monster-sitting. I was quite interested in Nelly, she seems like such a sweet girl. I also loved that she always had a word back to her sister who was quite mean towards her and loved the sister’s reaction back to that (generally she just doesn’t know what to say back).

We see her be excited about meeting a new monster kind and finding out all about them. And then she finds out that… instead of babysitting she is now dog (or should I say gog) sitting. Which is a surprise to her, but she quickly recovers and eagerly sets to the task of taking care for this little puppy. She could have told them she wasn’t a sitter for gogs/pets, but instead she grants them a moment for themselves, which I just loved.

She figures out how to take care of the gog, how to make him happy, I had quite a laugh at her trying to throw that “stick” and how the gog reacted to it (he was confused but then also delighted that she tried). Can I say that while the gog was a bit creepy I also found it cute? 😛

But of course… things can’t always go well, and I was just shaking my book that she should close that door. But she didn’t! But thankfully, Nelly is a smart girl after all, she quickly figures out a plan and goes for it. And then also helps out the Grerks with something special. No, I won’t tell you anything, but it was very sweet of her, though I think it was also a bit disgusting.

So this was quite a fun book, though at times it felt more like a second book in the series rather than the first. I am not sure how to explain, but that we meet her friends without much of an introduction, the fact this isn’t her first monstersitting rodeo. While I loved that she can also gogsit, I would have first loved to see her monster/babysit.

I can’t wait for more Nelly books, hopefully Library #1 will get the other books in this series as well. I wonder what monsters we will meet in the next book.

Oh, and I can’t forget the amazing illustrations that are everywhere in the book.

Recommended to all looking for a fun book with monsters, a sweet and smart girl, and lovely illustrations.

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