Review for The Long Con

Review for The Long Con

I received this graphic novel from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just couldn’t resist. Cons? Apocalypse? A reporter who survived but lost his friend? And a trip back to that very same con, which is pretty hard to do, to find out what is going on and if anything is still there? Um, sign me up!

I am writing this one while I am reading, so I am sorry if it is a tad confusing.

I loved how the book started off at fences of where the destruction to place and then switches to the guy who survived the event 5 years ago. He is quickly finding out that, surprise surprise people are still alive at the con this day. How the f they survived? No clue, but I was sure interested in finding out how and what, yeah, the wall around the building has saved them from certain poop hitting, but how do you feed so many people for 5 years? I liked that we saw the con as it was + also met our MC’s best friend (as I would call her that given how close they seemed to be).

I loved the reunion between the two friends. I knew it was going to happen, hello cover? Spoiler? 😛

Interesting. So the people inside don’t know that the outside is still around. Mm, a group of people told people that the world is now full of fast-walking zombies. Yeah, I can imagine you wouldn’t want to step outside in that. I would stay inside. Then again, wasn’t there anyone who questioned it all? Or I don’t know, maybe looked out of a window? Or something else? I can’t imagine that in 5 years no one truly questioned it.

I am not too sure how I feel about the back and forth between the now and before the events. On the one hand, yay backstory, yay more information about the con, and yay we are building up to the event that is going to happen soon. But also eh, because it really pulled me out of the now events.
It also didn’t help that we saw parts of shows. While it was fun to see those, I was at first confused at what? Why are we in space? Even later when I knew I could expect it I was just utterly confused by it all.

I loved seeing the con, in the now and the before. The before was all colourful and fun, and I loved seeing all the merchandise, the cosplay, the lines for anything and everything, and the now is all apocalypse and doom, yet the people are still cosplaying (though taking it way to serious). Really, where did they get all those fancy things? Guns, I believe cons do have rules about bringing real weapons, so where did they come from? I am guessing the higher ups, or those with guns, do know what is going on outside. We will see.

Loren was… unique. And very weird. But I did love her hair. When I go grey I will definitely go for that hair style + colour (and yes, also her pink/purple from the before events). I would love to dye my hair now, but it would involve pretty much murdering it, and I don’t want that. 😛

Um, did my copy just cut-off at the end? Or was that the end of this volume? Our MC enters the resistance’s office/building, and he says: “What the fu–” and that is where it ends. is confused and mildly disappointed

So I guess to find out more we need to read on? Sure, I can do that. I am still very curious about what happened 5 years ago, why everyone is still acting like the con is ongoing, and why no one (or at least most) don’t know about what is going on outside. Also I do love the art!

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