Review for The Twelve Dates of Christmas: Harlequin Manga

Review for The Twelve Dates of Christmas: Harlequin Manga

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

It isn’t Christmas any more, in fact it is almost my birthday, but I still couldn’t resist requesting this one. 12 dates, a hot guy and a cute girl, but they cannot fall for each other. Well, I think we all know how this is going to end, right? 😛

How they met? I laughed. She was stealing crackers for lunch and he bumped into her making her drop her bag/the crackers. What a way to meet. But thankfully he isn’t angry, instead he understands. And of course, of all the coincidences, he is the one to take her home. Good, because I wouldn’t want her to go on the subway with how she looks now. It is just not the right place for a fancy lady.

Aww, we find out what happened to our guy that makes him so sad, and I could imagine. He lost his child!

Haha, I would have looked just like our girl did when someone proposed such a deal to me. Pretend to be your lover? Go to all sorts of parties?

Ohh, I love a girl who can turn an ugly dress in something different. Yes, sorry, the dress just got even uglier, sorry! But it is the truth. My lord, woman. What did you make? But still, I love that she doesn’t just buy new dresses instead just alters old ones. Plus, she made him very much distracted with that open back. That poor guy could barely hold his composure!
I am also happy to see more dresses by her hand later on in the story and that people are recognising her talent for altering dresses/clothes + fashion.

Aww, dude, no you can live a happy life. I haven’t lost a child myself, so I cannot really talk about the situation very personally, but everyone deserves a happy life. I am sure your baby would have loved to have his mommy and daddy happy and not unhappy like you guys are now. You are allowed to have a happy life. But he keeps talking constantly how he isn’t allowed it, and that now he knows about Eloise’s past he can’t tell her about his flaws. What? He kept hurting her with this attitude (like when she is happy to kiss and he can’t). I know they both decided on pretend, but come on you guys both know it is way more now.

Ah, they kissed. Sure, it was kind of forced as it was under the mistletoe, but hey, I will take it!

I am also happy that Eloise was able to talk about her story. Now I am just waiting for Rick to do that as well. Come on! Spill it out! Finally, at page 80 he tells her and just like Eloise I was crying. 🙁 And Eloise has some advice for Rick, probably also what she learned from the death of her husband.

snorts Flowers are nice to spread around the page but maybe look at where you place them. 😛 Rick looks like he is having one grow out of his ass.

Argghghhhh, Rick! Why did you ruin that. It was a perfect moment. Please! Argh. shakes Rick Then again, this is Harlequin, these stories love to throw in a wrench right in the last moments. So annoying. Can we just have a happy ending without the stupid drama? I get that Ricky had a few last things to resolve, but could he have done that without being such a meanie?

I am not sure how I felt about him inviting her parents. I would seriously be pissed if my fiance would do that if I had a bad relationship with my parents. 😐
But at least the rest of the wedding was perfection!

The art was pretty nicely done.

All in all, still happy I read this, maybe I will re-read it during Christmas one day.

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