Review for Through with the Zoo

Review for Through with the Zoo

I read this book in Dutch, but will write my review in English.

So, my very first book of 2019. Just like with any of my 4 books I read on 1st of January, it was hard to not read them as soon as I got them (Christmas/Saturday), but I managed. I wanted this one to be my very first book of the year. A cute goat, looking for a place of quiet en peace, zoos and petting zoos, what more could I want?

This cute picture book is about a cute goat living in a petting zoo in the midst of a big zoo. Every day is the same he gets up and gets glomped and hugged and petted and loved. TOO much for our goat that he decides his luck elsewhere. I could imagine, I love hugs, I do. But so much? Nah.

I had great fun seeing him try out exhibits of other creatures. And I had even greater fun due to his expressions (which I shared with my fiance who also thought them hilarious). We see him try his luck at an elephant (only to be held in its trunk), with penguins (he looked so so lost), and some others.

I was wondering if this would be it, but oh no! Our goat moves on, and then finds the greatest spot of them all. But sorry, I did think it was a bit ridiculous that he goes back to the petting zoo, because apparently he does miss all the attention. Um, weren’t you like trying to get away from the overdose? OH well, I guess it works out as he now has his own spot and can decide on his own how much hugs he wants. But I still thought it was a tad silly, and even my fiance agreed.

The art was definitely a favourite, I already had good hopes due to the hilarious cover, and I was delighted that the rest of the book was just like it. Just as funny.

All in all, a really funny book and I am glad that I was able to make this my first book of the year!

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