Review for Wishes: Harlequin Manga

Review for Wishes: Harlequin Manga

I received this manga from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just couldn’t resist this one, the cover was cute, and the blurb promised something very sweet and magical. What would you choose? Money or magic? A chance at romance or money? It is definitely tempting to take the money, but when you meet a handsome man, the son of the wallet owner you found, mmm, definitely not an easy choice to make.

I loved it when Virginia and Wilder met up. At first I was worried he was going to be grumpy rich dude, but he was just so focused on what he was reading. I had such a laugh when Virginia introduced herself and then got a bit too honest regarding Wilder’s company. Teehee. I am glad Wilder was able to laugh as well, that was pretty important to me.

I loved Virginia some more when she told him about her sisters and how she was doing stocks. That is one girl that has brain and beauty. <3

Wilder: “Oops. I’d better watch out. You have some thorns.”
Virginia: “They’re not thorns, it’s pride.”
And then that smile by Wilder. melts Yep, I am shipping them, and I am only at page 13 of 129. This one is off to a great start!

Virginia: “Sorry, I’m actually nervous. I’m feeling butterflies in my stomach. It’s my first time at a mansion like this and being with a handsome person like you.”
Wilder: “I see. So you don’t always bite.”
snorts I love their conversations.

At first there seemed to be a bit of drama, but then it was shrugged off, I am wondering if there is more to it or if this is going to be it. The dinner was quite fun and I loved how close Wilder and his mother are, they banter around and at times it seemed quite serious, but then they would both laugh and it made me smile. Awww to have that bond with your parents.

rolls over laughing OMG, his face when she decided on her choice. If you place it out of content you can use it for so many things.

Her wish was a bit plain, but it does fit her and I was eager to find out if the wishes would come true. A few pages we find out that answer. Yes. Really, the mangaka needs to work on her reaction faces. Just like Wilder’s face, Virginia’s face is one that looks more like she just seen murder being committed in front of her instead of getting a job offer from a sexy dude.

Here I was, excited for some romance, because Wilder seemed to have some doubts, and I was happy to see he finally picked the right choice (yes, it is all about choices and wishes in this manga). Namely, Virginia. And to be with her. But then he did that. ARGHHHH. I get that he is thinking this is a trap, given that he is the richest man around, but still, have a little trust in this girl.

I am glad that we also see parts of Virginia trying to study to be a chef. Seeing her make food (and having Wilder’s mom taste them), see her get judged on her food by professionals, gaining interests by famous people.

“Aren’t you reading too many Harlequin books?” – Wilder to his mom. Lovely to see that Harlequin books exist in the Harlequin book world.

I am happy that these two are able to talk, but it seems they are not getting anywhere with it, which makes me sad. I want to have Wilder see that Virginia is a good girl, a good match. I want him to open his heart, let down the walls he created. There are so many good moments between them, and I just want to push them together. They are running around in circles. Especially Wilder, he makes dumb remarks that he should just hold back. 🙁 I also don’t get why he is having such troubles with Viriginia paving her own way. You can still be together even if she has her own things. 😐

Awwwww! He finally figured it out! Confession time! Proposal time! Squeee! I was so happy to see Wilder was able to get over his insecurities and let Virginia in her life.

Oh, I loved that, instead of how most Harlequin manga ended with wedding, this one ended with us reading a conversation between Wilder’s mom and her friend. That was quite refreshing.

The art was pretty nice. I loved the designs on the characters and all the food made me hungry, however the mangaka needs to work on their reactions. Because I am sorry, surprise is one thing, but at times these characters looked like they were either witnesses to murder or were committing the murder. 😛

The extra note at the ending from the mangaka made me smile as well. I loved reading her thoughts on the story and also drawing Wilder’s mom dropping her wallet “on accident” all the time.

All in all, even with the bumps in the road (Wilder, please), this was a fabulous manga and I loved it so so much. I was rooting for Wilder and Virginia. Not just to get them together, but also for Virginia to find her way in cooking.

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