Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 13-1-2019

Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 13-1-2019

Hi everyone!

Happy Weekend all, welcome to the brand-new shiny Sunday’s TBR Updates.

This week was quite a busy week, but I have been keeping to my resolution of listening to my body better, so I took more breaks here and there. I read quite a few books this week, a nice blend of library books, TBR books, a few digital manga (including a few ARCs), graphic novels, and comics.

What did I read from my TBR Pile? Knights and Bikes (Fun, hilarious, adventurous), City of Ghost (Creepy and amazing), The Shadow Hand (Mysterious and creepy), Wundersmith (Yes, I finally read it, and it was magical and fun).

I also read one book on my Kindle, namely an ARC that I received this week: House of Million Rooms (Not as scary as I had hoped).

My Paper TBR went down quite a bit this week, and only 1 book got delivered, so that means I made a nice dent in my TBR.

So, meet my new Paper TBR Pile. Currently I am reading Jill Mansell’s book. And this TBR is includes Six of Crows, a book I have had for ages (and tried various times), and with the new Grishaverse book coming out I wanted to truly start it and finish it.

No new Kindle TBR, though I may read/try the 3 or 4 ARCs I still need to read.

And with that we say goodbye to this week’s Sunday’s TBR Updates! Thanks for reading and coming to see how my TBR is faring this week. Have a fantastic Sunday everyone, I hope you all have a fun relaxing time. See you again next week when I have a new Sunday’s TBR Updates for you. \o

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